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BasicAI Data Annotation Service
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AI-powered Data Annotation Service

Get professional, efficient and low-cost data labeling service for all types of training data and all industries


Labeled datasets of all types


Selected global annotation teams


Data quality review


Years of training data experience

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All Your Data Annotation Needs, Satisfied by BasicAI

3D LiDAR Point Cloud

The rise of 3D LiDAR sensors has spurred the need for high-quality annotated point cloud data.
With BasicAI Cloud, the AI-driven annotation platform, BasicAI annotation teams are equipped to label and segment 3D point cloud data for the best object detection and tracking models. Handling up to 1.5 billion points and 300 consecutive frames in a single dataset is a breeze.
The pre-trained 3D models are especially tuned for Autonomous Driving scenario. BasicAI Cloud auto 3D annotation can be 82 times faster than traditional manual annotation. With pre-labeling accuracy reaching 98%, your annotation project efficiency skyrockets.

Why BasicAI?

Annotation Platform

All projects will be conducted with scalable AI-powered annotation platform born for efficiency, collaboration and quality.

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Project Manager

Your project will be followed through by a proficient project manager, who takes care of the progress, quality and your satisfaction.

Strict Vendor
Training & Test

Each of our selected annotation team will go through professional training and strict test before production in annotation projects.

The Most Competitive Hourly Rate

With AI-powered platform that boosts efficiency and quality, BasicAI provides the most competitive hourly rate in the market.

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AI Partners


Success Stories

BasicAI provides trusted service and software for 
thousands of global leaders, including Fortune 500 corps and elite universities


BasicAI Provides the Most Advanced 2D/3D Georeferenced Training Data for intel Geospatial

Intel Geospatial is one of the leaders in Geospatial LiDAR and Mapping.
BasicAI provides the most advanced 2D/3D Georeferenced Training Data for their AI solutions to the Israeli government and Intel, worldwide.
Intel Geospatial utilized BasicAI’s software and services for consecutive years and is one of BasicAI’s highest paying clients to date.


BDD100k, developed by UC Berkeley, is the largest and most diverse publicly available driving dataset to date. BasicAI has performed over one million annotations for the project with high quality and 100% accuracy.

UC Berkeley Partnered with BasicAI to Build the World’s Largest free Ground Truth Dataset


BasicAI Empowers AGCO in the Full Lifecycle of MLOps Training Data

AGCO, one of the world’s largest agriculture vehicle manufacturing company
BasicAI is AGCO’s exclusive AI partner and has been there since their first AI project.
BasicAI not only provides data annotation services for AGCO, but also provides data collection, data curation, and even yolov5 AI model development for AGCO to maximize their engineering team’s developments.

Boost AI Transformation
in All Industries

BasicAI, with seven years of experience in training data, is dedicated to boosting AI transformation across various industries. Our top-notch services have been designed to support businesses in different sectors as they embark on their AI journey. We offer end-to-end solutions, including data collection, data annotation, and model training, tailoring the most effective strategies for our clients.



Advanced driver assistance systems, autonomous vehicle navigation, traffic monitoring, and vehicle manufacturing.



Face recognition, threat detection, access control, and crowd management.



Package sorting, warehouse automation, vehicle tracking, and demand forecasting.



Crop health monitoring, pest detection, livestock management, and smart irrigation.



Autonomous navigation, object recognition, search and rescue operations, and environmental monitoring.

Environmental Monitoring_edited.jpg


Wildlife tracking, deforestation monitoring, pollution analysis, and natural disaster assessment.


Smart Retail

Inventory management, customer behavior analysis, theft prevention, and personalized marketing.

Smart City_edited.jpg

Smart Cities

Traffic management, energy consumption monitoring, infrastructure maintenance, and waste management.



Adaptive learning, student engagement analysis, automated grading, and classroom monitoring.



Quality control, automated inspection, predictive maintenance, and assembly line monitoring.



Medical image analysis, remote patient monitoring, surgical assistance, and early disease detection.



Augmented reality, virtual reality, content creation, and character recognition.

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BasicAI Provides Trusted Service and Software for Thousands of Global Partners

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