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Smart Data Annotation for Your AI Model

We provide All-in-One Smart Data Annotation Platform and Well-Managed Data Annotation Services for the AI success of thousands of global partners

Trusted by Thousands of Our Global Partners

Semantic Segmentation

Semantic Segmentation

Semantic Analysis

Semantic Analysis

LiDAR Segmentation

LiDAR Segmentation

 Video Classification

Video Classification

3D Bounding Boxes

3D Cuboids Annotation

Key Points

Skeleton Annotation

Data Labeling Services for All Industries

AI Minds, Meet Labeling Pros. We simplify the complex world of data labeling for AI and Machine Learning models. With our proficiency in data labeling and annotation services, we help AI scientists across the globe focus on what matters most, managing the tedious yet critical task of data labeling to boost your algorithm's accuracy.

All Your Data Annotation Needs, Satisfied by BasicAI

Our 160+ global teams of domain-specific annotation experts, has accurately labeled and carefully reviewed over 300,000 datasets of all types. Our commitment to ground truth has earned us the trust of thousands of global partners and positioned us as a reliable provider of data annotation services across various data types, including images, videos, text, point clouds, and 3D sensor fusion.

Image Data Labeling Service


Video Data Labeling Service


Audio Data Labeling Service


Text Data Labeling Service


Sensor Fusion Data Labeling Service

Sensor Fusion

BasicAI Data Labeling Services
BasicAI Reliable Data Labeling Service

Reliable, Secure, and Client-Centric AI Data Solutions

At BasicAI, we assign seasoned project managers to each project, ensuring meticulous execution and your absolute satisfaction. Compliant with international data protection standards, we are committed to safeguarding customer data, maintaining strict privacy and security protocols. With BasicAI, you get more than data labeling and annotation – you get quality, reliability, and a partner dedicated to your success.

AI-Powered Training Data Platform

BasicAI Cloud is a free AI-powered Training Data Platform, with AI-powered annotation tools and strong teamwork management for faster, scalable and high-quality outputs.

Sensor Fusion Data Support

Automated Data Annotation

AI-assisted Annotation Toolset

Object Tracking Annotation

Auto 3D Semantic Segmentation

Online Sensor Calibration

Scalable Labels Management

Configurable Quality Assurance

Annotation Teamwork Management

Performance Management

Data Labeling and Segmentation on BasicAI Cloud
BasicAI Cloud: Annotate Smarter
Annotation Efficiency Boost
AI-Powered Annotation Suite on BasicAI Cloud

Annotate Smarter

BasicAI Cloud boosts your data labeling processes with auto-annotation and object tracking capabilities for 3D point cloud, 2D & 3D sensor fusion, images, and video data, executing tasks up to 82 times faster. It's built to handle large volumes, offering no-lag annotation for up to 150 million points in 300 frames in one point cloud dataset, and up to 1,000 images in a single 2D dataset.

BasicAI Cloud: Collaborate Smoother
Annotation Teamwork Management
Annotation Project Management
Collaborate on BasicAI Cloud

Collaborate Smoother

Experience a synergy of speed, quality, and smooth collaboration with BasicAI Cloud, which is engineered to support large-scale data annotation projects, seamlessly managing datasets, workflows, roles & privileges and performances. With features for real-time and batch quality assurance, BasicAI Cloud ensures annotations are swiftly generated, meeting the unique quality requirements of each project.

Open Source Data Annotation Platform


World's First Open-source
Multi-sensory Training Data Platform