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BasicAI Cloud

Generative AI
Annotation Toolset

Easily Build Training Datasets for Supervised Fine-tuning (SFT) and Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) Tasks in Generative AI and Large Language Model Training. Make strides toward a future where your bold innovation is accessible to all.

Data Annotation and Labeling for Large Language Model and Generative AI Training

Annotation Tools for SFT & RLHF Tasks

Build Robust SFT Dataset

Dialog Response Tool

Effortlessly construct SFT datasets with our intuitive Dialog Response Tool. Provide well-crafted example responses to prompts, guiding models to deliver answers that align with user expectations.

Data Annotation and Data Labeling Tool for Building RLHF Data Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback
Dialog Evaluation Tool for RLHF in LLM and AI




Data Annotation and Data Labeling Tool for Building SFT Dataset Supervised Fine Tuning

Refine Model Outputs with RLHF

Dialog Evaluation Tool

Tag and score pre-trained model responses based on custom criteria like relevance, helpfulness, and safety with our Dialog Evaluation Tool. Shape model behavior to generate human-preferred replies through Reinforcement Learning (RL).

Enrich Models with Contextual Data


Add situational metadata labels to dialog data, such as language, domain, and formality level. Enable large models to understand better and adapt to diverse conversation scenarios.

Data Annotation and Data Labeling Tool for Large Language Model LLM and AI
Classification Annotation For LLM and Generative AI
LLM Dataset Dialog Visualization Tool

Dialog Visualization

Our annotation interface displays uploaded data as "User" and "Bot" chat bubbles.

Large Multimodal Models Data Annotation Tool

Multimodal Support

Seamlessly visualize and annotate text + image Generative AI datasets.

LLM Data Ontology Management

Ontology Management

Build, reuse, and manage hierarchical Gen AI Ontology label assets.

Language Model LLM Annotation Tool - Message Pinning

Message Pinning

Pin up to 4 key messages on the interface for quick reference.

Scalable Annotation Workflow for Gen AI & LLMs

NLP LLM Data Annotation Workflow - Scalable Pipeline

Scalable Pipeline

Effortlessly split tasks and efficiently manage roles & permissions for internal and external team members. Configure scalable annotation workflows on demand.

NLP LLM Data Labeling Workflow - In-depth report

In-Depth Reports

Gain visibility from industry-leading performance tracking. Monitor project and task progress in real-time to keep everything under control.

NLP LLM Data Annotation Workflow - Multi-stage QA

Multi-Stage QA

Beyond manual checks, set up custom QA rules for automated and batch quality control to maintain high annotation standards.

NLP LLM Data Labeling Workflow - Dataset Management

Dataset Management

Organize your data and Ontology assets. Seamlessly import and export data via your preferred cloud storage provider.

Build Robust Datasets for Large Language Models and Generative AI Training

Build Robust Datasets for LLMs and Gen AI Training


What is SFT? What is RLHF?

SFT (Supervised Fine-Tuning) is a supervised learning approach where models learn to map given inputs to outputs, maximizing next token prediction accuracy.

In RLHF, a reward model is trained to assess which responses best align with human preferences. This reward model then guides the language model to generate human-favored replies.

Both SFT and RLHF fine-tune models. SFT focuses on curating chat data, while RLHF also addresses safety, ethics, bias, and instruction following. RLHF improves a model's resilience, stability, and ability to provide detailed, user-aligned outputs.

What Gen AI data formats does BasicAI Cloud support?

BasicAI Cloud accepts user uploads of .json, .csv, .xlsx, .xls files and .zip, .gzip, .tar, .rar archives containing valid files, up to 100GB. Annotated data can be exported as BasicAI Generative AI formatted JSON.

We have a lot of data to be annotated. Do you have services for LLM data annotation?

Yes, BasicAI provides customized LLM & GenAI data annotation solutions, including data extraction, cleaning, labeling, RLHF, and model fine-tuning. We've helped AI leaders build intelligent chatbots and train proprietary small models. Learn more here.

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