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Data Annotation Toolset

Engineered for precision and speed, BasicAI Cloud features a suite of rich AI-powered data labeling tools. Customers report an astounding 10x boost in their sensor fusion annotation process and get 6x more efficient in image annotation work.

10,000+ Annotation Teams and ML Engineers Get Their AI Training Data Ready on BasicAI Cloud

Data Annotation Kit and Labelling Tools
Computer Vision Data Annotation Tool

The AI-Powered 3D Sensor Fusion Annotation Engine

Enable reliable autonomous systems with unmatched precision and ease. BasicAI Cloud offers the industry's most advanced sensor fusion data annotation components, catering to a wide range of annotation types required by your CV algorithms.

Auto 3D Pre-Labeling Tools
That Generate Instant and Precise Results

Auto Sensor Fusion Annotation

Our integrated models auto-annotate coordinated sensor data to generate associated 2D cuboids, 3D cuboids, and 2D bounding boxes concurrently.

Auto Point Cloud Segmentation

The embedded model automates the point-wise segmentation of large-point cloud data. We also offer intuitive, efficient manual point cloud segmentation tools that align with natural user interactions.

Auto 3D Object Tracking

BasicAI Cloud features model-powered 3D object tracking for annotating objects across consecutive frames. Our consecutive frame review mode lets users inspect and modify annotations for the same object across data types and viewpoints, all within the same interface.

AI-Assisted Tools
That Empower Human Collaborators

Auto Cuboid with 2 Clicks

Users can create precise 3D cuboids fitted to the object in a point cloud with just two clicks.

Auto Ground Detection

The model identifies and differentiates the ground in point clouds, simplifying subsequent annotations.

Interpolation Tracking

Users can track annotated objects by interpolation between key point cloud frames.

2D-3D Projection

Annotations are connected between images and point clouds. Online camera calibration ensures the accuracy of fusion annotations.

AI Data Annotation of Images and Videos

Image Annotation Studio
Every Tool and Every Type Made Smarter with AI

Every Annotation Type
to Train Smarter Algorithms

Image Data Annotation Tools

Auto Annotation
Accelerate Model Development with Auto-Generated Labels

Auto Image Annotation Tool
Automatic Annotation Tool
Auto Annotation Tool

Dynamic Object Tracking Across Consecutive Images

Track objects across consecutive images with our integrated 2D tracking to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your image-based projects.

Pixel Precision in Seconds with Automated Segmentation

Our SAM-driven pixel-perfect tools create instant semantic, instance, and panorama segmentations. We also provide ergonomic manual brush, polygon, and superpixel segmentation.

Auto Segmentation of Images
Auto Image Segmentation
Annotate Speech / Audio Data

Smart Audio / Speech Annotation Tool

Auto Speech Transcription

Cut down transcription time with integrated speech-to-text for faster NLP model training. Eliminate manual tasks and boost efficiency in processing speech and audio data.

Automatic Audio Annotation
Audio Transcription Model

Text Data Labeling

With its intuitive interface and comprehensive feature set, BasicAI Cloud enables users to efficiently create high-quality, structured datasets for various natural language processing (NLP) applications.

BasicAI Cloud Text Labeling Tool

Text Annotation Tool

Multi-level Label System

Entity Annotation

Relationship Annotation

Text Classification

Explore Teamwork Features

Scalable Data Annotation Pipeline

Quality Assurance

Dataset Management

In-Depth Report & Analysis

Enjoy the Best AI-Powered Data Annotation Platform Now

100,000+ datasets have been built using BasicAI Cloud

Machine Learning Data Labeling Tools
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