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Industry Leader in
AI Training Data

We have:

BasicAI Cloud
, a free Training Data platform with strong multimodal feature and AI-powered annotation tools;

A wide range of AI solutions, including data collection, annotation, and software solutions available as both SaaS and on-premise options.

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Level Up Your Data Annotation
at the Lowest Cost

BasicAI Cloud

The Next GEN Multimodal Training Data Platform

A Ready-to-use AI Annotation Suite

Curate, visualize and easily annotate 3D sensor fusion data 72% faster and more accurate. Get 158% increase in annotation efficiency by automated pre-labeling. Auto-track your objects in point cloud frame series. Conduct scenario search and image segmentation.

A Ready-to-use AI Annotation Suite

Annotate in
Teams of All Sizes

Manage annotation teams with advanced taskflow system. Create tasks and workflows, select team members, and monitor progress in real-time. Keep updated with performance statistics. Control roles and permissions for data security. Get timely alert from AI QC.

Annotate Data in Teams of All Sizes
BasicAI Cloud in their eyes
It's easy to solve AI/ML problems with BasicAI. We used this product for one of the AI problems where it performed very well for data labeling, model training and using existing workflows makes it best among other products.
Computer Vision Engineer

Pro with 7 Years in
AI Data Solutions for All Industries

BasicAI Solutions

BasicAI boasts 7+ years of experience in AI data services and has  made 30,000+ datasets for Model Training.

We provide full data service, HITL labeling experts and high-quality datasets to our customers worldwide.

Data Collection

Data Collection

Data Annotation

Data Annotation

Model Development



On Premise Deployment



Image Data


LiDar Point Cloud Data


Video Data
Audio Data
Text Data




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World's First Open Source Platform
for Multimodal Training Data

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