The Next GEN Platform for Multisensory Training Data.
BasicAI's Xtreme1 is a data-centric MLOps platform that quickly develops and iterates your AI model. Your full AI-lifecycle is taken care of with reproducibility, manageability, and automation. It's one-stop. It's hassle-free.
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Quickly Annotate with Powerful Multi-sensory Labeling Tools
Xtreme1 enables 4D LiDAR data annotation fused with additional image/video content in time series, and supports Autonomous Driving industry-specific ML tasks Object Detection, Object Tracking, Semantic Segmentation, and Lane Detection.
LiDAR Object Detection and Tracking
LiDAR 2D & 3D Fusion
LiDAR Semantic Segmentation
LiDAR Lane Detection
Build and Continuously Train Your Model
Ease to Start with Pretrained Models
With tons of built-in open-source large pre-trained models and BasicAI's pre-trained industry-specific models at your disposal, you can start with one of these models or tailor it to fit your use-case using your training data.
Seamlessly Integrate Your Model
Manage all data activities automatically through the robust API: Upload your model via API, and train it on Xtreme1.
Continuously Train Your Model
The training process is never truly over. To conquer data quality problems in development and production, Xtreme1 utilizes a flexible data pipeline to stream your model with fresh and qualified data in real-time, so you are always in good hands to retrain your model with agility.
Quickly Annotate with Powerful Multi-sensory Labeling Tools
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Xtreme1 is open source and provide on-prem by one click. That's why it's deployed by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and research labs.