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BasicAI Cloud

The Bedrock for
AI Breakthroughs

The Most Efficient
Multimodal Training Data Platform

The Most Efficient Multimodal Annotation Platform
10x Faster

in Model Development

72% Increase

in Fusion annotation efficiency

100% More

efficient for Point Cloud labeling

133 Objects

Ground Truth labels per minute

Develop models 10x faster with Al-powered tools and streamlined workflows

Get 72%+ increase in labeling efficiency for 2D & 3D LiDAR-Camera Sensor Fusion

Click & Drag to create cuboids for 3D Point Cloud objects 100%+ faster

Auto-annotate 133+ Objects in 3D Point Cloud Frame Series per minute

Data Annotation

Full Ahead, in Multimodal World!

Strong support for 3D Point Cloud (single frame and frame series), images, 2D & 3D Fusion data. Upload, visualize, curate and annotate 3D Point Cloud data. Click & drag to label 3D objects the way you do for 2D images. Annotation in 3D Point Cloud is auto-mapped to 2D images.

AI Data Annotation Suite

Effortlessly Label Your 3D Data with AI-Powered Tools

AI empowers all processes in your efforts to train models. One-click to leverage pre-trained models to automatically annotate and to track your objects in 3D point cloud data. Maximize semi-automatic annotation with smart segmentation and well-designed human-machine interactions.

Workflow Management

Streamlined Management for Teams of All Sizes

Powerful workflow management system for all teams. Advanced performance system that brings the most insights from performances by tasks or workers. Admin users can track progress of every task and the input by every staff. Workers can also monitor their performance on different tasks.

Ontology Center

Labels Are Now Related

Ontology is introduced to describe everything in the world. Compared with traditional label-based annotation where objects are isolated and relations are missed, Ontology Library connects objects and makes Scenario Search, Ontology fusion, and Ontology recommendation possible.

Data Curation

Curate Your Dataset, for Good

We believe data is the most valuable asset in modern companies. BasicAI Cloud is embedded of a set of powerful data curation features, by which you can easily upload, organize, visualize you data, and conduct data versioning, synthesis, augmentation and drift analysis, etc.

Open to Models

Enjoy open interfaces for docking embedded models and user defined models

Model Reasoning

Enjoy open interfaces for docking embedded models and user defined models

Human-machine Interactions

With interactive labeling and real-time error check, get quality +97% and efficiency +158%.

BasicAI Cloud in their eyes
It's easy to solve AI/ML problems with BasicAI. We used this product for one of the AI problems where it performed very well for data labeling, model training and using existing workflows makes it best among other products.
Computer Vision Engineer
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