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Data Labeling Tool

BasicAI Cloud

All-in-One Smart
Data Annotation Platform

With AI-Powered Toolset and Scalable Project Management, 10,000+ Annotation Teams and Machine Learning Engineers Get Their Multimodal AI Training Data Ready on BasicAI Cloud

Free Annotation Tool
Task Dashboard
Annotation Teamwork
Annotator Performance Report
Project Overview

Auto Sensor Fusion Annotation

Auto 2D / 3D Object Tracking 

2D / 3D Auto Segmentation

Auto Speech Transcription

Annotate Smarter

Label for AI, with AI. Auto-magically annotate, segment, or track objects in frames. Harness machine precision at every step, reducing the manual grind to a minimum. These smart auto-annotation tools are your new teammates on the AI data annotation platform. 

Online Sensor Calibration

Ground & Lane Detection

AI-assisted Annotation

Real-time Quality Check

3D Sensor Fusion Annotation Tool

Accelerate your next sensor fusion model development project with the most advanced 3D annotation capabilities tailored for large complex fusion data, and optimized for autonomous systems including self-driving cars, smart cities, logistics robots and drones.

Want to Segment 50 Million Points in a Single Frame or 150 Million Points in 3,000 Consecutive Frames?
No Lag Here, No Kidding

Point Cloud Segmentation
Scalable 3D Annotation Tool

Built for Collaborative Annotation by Teams of 1-1,000

Scalable Workflow

Want to Perfectly Distribute 100,000 Data to 1,000 Collaborators? On BasicAI Cloud, You Can

Annotation Project Management

Project-Task-Data Breakdown

Flexibly set up tailored tasks aligned to project goals, and freely allocate data according to business needs.

Annotation Workflow

Teams, Partners, Collaborator

Manage internal teams and external partners, customize roles and permissions

Report of Data Annotators

In-Depth Performance Report

BasicAI Cloud offers the most comprehensive set of annotator performance analytics in the industry, enabling refined personnel management from multiple dimensions like productivity, quality, and more in a fair, open manner.

Insights at Your Fingertips

Check Report of Project Status, Tasks, and Annotator Performance Anytime

Project Dashboard

Monitor all key project metrics in one dashboard. Check annotation quality, progress, and more.

Tasks Progress

A single pane of glass shows status across all open tasks. Quickly see what's on track or needs attention.

Quality Assurance

Quality Matters. Automate Your Custom QA in Every Stage

Real-Time Annotation QA

Real-Time QA

Set up customizable rules to automatically catch errors during annotation. Get real-time feedback.

Customizable QA Rules

Bulk QA

Run one-click validation in batch to easily catch issues. Preset rules* at the data and attribute levels help you get started quickly.

Manual Annotation QC

Manual QA

Conduct multi-level checks, internal and external feedback loops,  enabling smooth collaboration with data security.

* Can't find the QA rules you need? Contact us to add any custom scripts

Dataset Management

Curate Your Dataset & Ontology Asset

Dataset Visualization

Visualize and Organize Your Data

Flexibly group and merge 2D/3D consecutive frames your way

Manage Super-Class, Sub-Class, and Classification

Ontology system structures multi-level labels and attributes

Label Management
Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

Import/export data from your cloud storage like AWS, Google Drive, Dropbox

Data Annotation Tool Online

BasicAI Cloud in their Eyes

Engineered for precision and speed, BasicAI Cloud features a suite of rich, user-friendly, and potent multimodal data labeling tools. Engineers report an astounding 10x boost in their model development processes – Yes, BasicAI Cloud is always here to translate visions into market realities, sooner.

An excellent data labeling platform. These machine learning and artificial intelligence-based data tagging tools are very intuitive and do not require any excessive setup to operate. It makes it easier to deploy and get training data for AI.

Computer Software Developer

A Superb tool for ML / AI data training: User Interface is incredible, easy-to-use, and responsive; Secure and robust software; Wonderful tool for data annotation and labeling; Saves lots of time in doing image segmentation and object detection; Customer support is excellent. 

Technical Lead

The only FREE platform that supports LiDAR data annotation. It provides a labeling toolkit and pre-labeling models for computer vision annotation, which are quite helpful, especially in the autonomous driving industry.

AI Vision Engineer

Best Data Annotation Tool for Every You

Public Cloud SaaS
FREE for Every Invaluable Innovation

Free access to the best-in-class annotation tools
Rapid onboarding to start training data projects
Automatic updates to the latest version
BasicAI handles scaling and maintenance

On-Prem Deployment
AI Annotation on Your Own Terms

Professional services for deployment and maintenance
Enhanced security - data stays within your systems
Control updates and feature upgrades
Multi-tenant management capabilities

Enjoy the Best All-in-One Free Data Annotation Platform Now

100,000+ datasets have been built using BasicAI Cloud

  • How is the plan's subscription period determined?
    The subscription period spans one calendar month, starting from the current date and time and ending at the same date and time the following month. If the next month does not have a corresponding date, the period extends to the end of that month (e.g., January 31st to February 28th).
  • Can I modify my team subscription plan during the ongoing subscription period?
    Absolutely! You can adjust your subscription plan without canceling your current subscription. Upgrades are effective immediately, while downgrades come into effect at the start of the next subscription period.
  • Will my model invocation instances reset after my subscription renews?
    The model invocation instances included in your plan will refresh on a monthly basis and do not accumulate. However, any extra instances you've purchased separately will remain available until they are used up.
  • If I purchased a package before the release of pricing plans, do I need to subscribe?
    😎 No worries! If you've pre-purchased a package offline, your existing plan will remain accessible even after the introduction of the new pricing plans. You can continue to use your current plan without any disruption.
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