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Data Annotation for Robotics AI Model

Data Annotation for Robotics Industry

Reliable, Expert, and Tailored Training Data Solutions for Robotics AI Models

Data Annotation for AI Models for Robotics

Factory Automation (FA) Robotics

Industrial robots are upgrading manual operations to unmanned operations, improving production efficiency and quality, thereby reallocating human resources into more creative work.

Parts Defects Identification

Parts Defects Identification

AI models enable robots and mechanical arms to perform tasks on assembly lines, reducing the need for human labor, as seen with AI-integrated assembly lines that boost productivity. For those looking to implement similar systems, BasicAI offers meticulously detailed training datasets.

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Intelligent Robotics Sorting

AI plays a key role in empowering robots to identify, classify, and sort items on conveyor belts. Tomra Systems stands as a testament to this revolution. BasicAI can provide annotated training datasets that can be used to train similar AI models, allowing accurate sorting in complex environments.

Vision AI in Robotics Control

Real-Time Object Recognition and Manipulation

Real-Time Object Recognition and Manipulation

AI models allow robots to recognize and handle objects in real-time. Boston Dynamics' "Pick" robot, for instance, uses AI for object handling in warehouses. BasicAI provides best-in-class training datasets that can help to improve the accuracy of similar AI models in different light or view conditions.

Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance in Autonomous Robots

Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance in Autonomous Robots

AI is the key to enabling autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance in robots, as seen with the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover. To equip your robots with similar capabilities, BasicAI's training datasets can be an asset, helping improve environmental understanding for safer navigation.

Multimodal AI in Robotics

Multisensory Data Fusion

Multisensory Data Fusion

Robots can be trained to combine and interpret data from multiple sensors. Robotic systems like Boston Dynamics' Spot combine data from various sensors to understand their surroundings, a technique powered by AI. With rich experience in multisensory training data, BasicAI can be instrumental in enhancing your model's ability to interpret diverse sensor data.

Sensor Fusion Annotation

LiDAR Annotation

Radar Annotation

BasicAI Services Highlights

Why Choose BasicAI?

Superior Quality, On Time, Every Time

Our edge lies in the fusion of quality and speed. We leverage cutting-edge tools and rigorous quality checks to guarantee precise, on-point data. Our seasoned team of data annotation pros values your time, delivering stellar results promptly without sacrificing excellence.

Ironclad Data Security, Full Compliance

Your data security is paramount to us. We follow robust data management practices to protect your information round the clock. Abiding by all relevant data regulations, like GDPR, HIPPA, ISO 9001, and ISO 27001, we restrict data access, ensuring careful and ethical handling. Trust us to keep your data safe and confidential.

Tailored Solutions, Infinite Scalability

Every project is unique, and we get it. We flexibly tailor our services to your exact needs, ensuring seamless execution of projects, regardless of scale. From dipping your toes into AI for sports to ramping up existing initiatives, we've got your back.

Mastery in Multimodal Data Labeling

Our data annotation mavens have successfully delivered over 300,000 datasets of all kinds: images, videos, point clouds, sensor fusion, text, audio, and beyond. Trained for attention to detail, they ensure the datasets are rich, accurate, and invaluable to your AI models. Choose BasicAI, where expertise meets precision.

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