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Annotate in Teams of All Sizes

Streamline team-based data annotation with our intuitive, customizable platform. Configure scalable workflows, transparently manage internal & external teams, and ensure continuous quality improvement.

Scalable Data Annotation Pipeline

Quality Assurance




AI Training Dataset Management
In-Depth Annotator Report

10,000+ Annotation Teams and ML Engineers Get Their AI Training Data Ready on BasicAI Cloud

Scalable Data Annotation Pipeline

Customizable Data Annotation Pipeline

Configure Workflows That Fit Your Needs

Easily create and customize suitable annotation tasks tailored to your unique project needs with our intuitive workflow tools. Break large datasets down into smaller batches and freely allocate data across internal teams or external partners. Collaborate seamlessly.

Manage Internal & External Teams Seamlessly

Manage access and permissions for both internal team members and external partners. Customize roles and access control to determine who can view and annotate specific datasets. Streamline collaboration.

Lag-Free Enterprise-Scale Support

Our ultra-scalable platform powers mission-critical enterprise annotation projects without slowdowns or errors. Annotate datasets with 300 frames of 150 million LiDAR points completely lag-free.

Transparent Insights Power Smarter Decisions

See How Teams Are Performing In Real-Time

Real-time Annotator Performance Report

Personnel Performance

Get unparalleled visibility into individual and team performance across dimensions like productivity, result quality, accuracy and more with our industry-leading analytics. 

Task Performance

Easily understand key task metrics like the number of annotations created and total time spent. Identify improvement opportunities.

Custom Dashboards Show Project Progress At a Glance

Annotation Project and Task Dashboard

View status and stage distribution across all projects and sub-tasks in one consolidated view.

Annotaion Project Overview

Key project metrics and a progress bar clearly showing data distribution across multiple stages.

Tasks Management: Always Know What To Do Next

View tasks assigned to you across different stages and prioritize your personal workflow. Managers get a single comprehensive view of progress across all team tasks.

Quality Assurance
Catch Errors Early, Every Time

Pre-set QA Rules

Collaborative Annotation Quality Check Jobs
Collaborative Annotation QA Report

Leveraging 7+ years of data annotation experience, BasicAI provides pre-defined QA rules for automated checks at scale. Multi-level coverage: data (validity, metadata), objects (cross-frame consistency), results (polygon intersections, containment), attributes.

Configure rules for real-time annotation checks to eliminate errors early. Also run one-click bulk QA on completed annotations for efficiency.

Dataset Management
Shape Perfect Datasets With Ease

AI Training Dataset Visualization
Frame Consecutive Frames into a Scene
Dataset Management

Organize Frames Your Way

Intuitively group, label and merge frames to prepare data for annotation. Clean up datasets visually without coding.

Annotation Tag Management

Advanced Ontology Center

Create custom taxonomies with multi-level labels, attributes and ontology relationships tailored to your use case - reusable across projects to maintain consistency.

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

Securely import/export directly from cloud sources like AWS, Google Drive, Dropbox. No data migration headaches.

Enjoy the Best All-in-One Free Data Annotation Platform Now

100,000+ datasets have been built using BasicAI Cloud

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