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Data Annotation for In-Vehicle Computer Vision Model

Data Annotation for Automotive Industry

Precise, scalable, and AI-enhanced Training Data for Automotive Computer Vision Models

Data Annotation Service for In-Vehicle Computer Vision

BasicAI provides complex data annotation services for companies in the Autonomous Vehicles, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Mobile Robotics sectors. Our annotation capabilities include 2D and 3D bounding boxes, image segmentation, sensor fusion, 3D point cloud annotation and lane marking.

Data Annotation for Automotive Manufacturing Model

Autonomous Driving

Our temporal training data helps AI models accurately perceive the full 360 degree driving environment in all weather and lighting conditions to enable autonomous operation.

Self-driving Vehicle
Sensor Fusion

Annotated multi-frame sensor fusion data from cameras, lidar, radar, and other sensors that are combined to train robust sensory fusion algorithms for autonomous vehicles.

Object Detection and Tracking

Precise 3D bounding boxes (3D cuboids) for vehicles, two-wheelers, pedestrians, animals, and static objects that can enable reliable object detection and tracking. 

Semantic Segmentation

Accurate semantic segmentation of the road surface, lane markings, curbs, and sidewalks allows self-driving vehicles to reason about navigable paths and constraints.

Annotation of Road Signs

Annotations of directional signals, traffic lights, construction zones and emergency vehicles that help autonomous vehicles make informed decisions and maneuver safely.

Bounding Box Annotation

Annotated sensor data that trains ADAS algorithms to quickly and reliably detect imminent hazards. Bounding boxes for pedestrians, cyclists, animals on the roadway provides alerts to prevent collisions. 

Lane Markings Annotation

Lane markings, road edges, and vehicle localizations that enable lane departure and blind spot warnings.

Driver Distractions Annotation

Annotated datasets of driver distractions like cell phone use or drowsiness for CV models that can enable intervention alerts when focus wavers.

Driver Perception

Quality annotated image, video, radar, and other sensor data that train ADAS systems to provide timely warnings and supplement driver perception for safer driving.


ADAS systems enhance driver safety by analyzing the driving scene with computer vision to alert the driver about dangerous conditions, pedestrians, lane departures, blind spots, and more. 

Driver Focus Determination

CV models track driver eye motions and blinking patterns in camera images to detect fatigue and drowsiness. Annotated images of alert and drowsy drivers' faces enable training of accurate drowsiness detection models.

Data Annotation Service for Automotive Manufacturing

Auto Manufacturing
Parts Defects Identification

Parts Defects Identification

AI models process images and video of automotive parts to identify defects and flaws. Annotated image and video data showing defective and non-defective parts trains accurate defect recognition.

Assembly Tasks Automation

Machine vision guides robotics using camera and sensor streams for efficient automotive assembly. Annotated images, video, and sensor data improve robotic perception and precise object manipulation.

Assembly Tasks Automation
Assembled Components Inspection

Assembled Components Inspection

Computer vision analyzes images and videos of assembled parts to check specifications. Annotated image/video samples of compliant and non-compliant assembled parts enable training of reliable inspection models.

Injury Hazards Evaluation

AI evaluates video and motion sensors to determine injury risks from automotive assembly tasks. Annotated movement data with ergonomic risk labels train models to identify hazardous conditions.

Injury Hazards Evaluation

Why BasicAI?

High Quality and On-time Delivery

Our meticulously trained team, stringent quality checks and AI-boosted procedures assure top-notch, timely data annotation to fit your project needs.

Robust Data Security Measures

With persistent monitoring, strict process control, and a disposal after use approach, we ensure your data is kept safe, private, and managed with the highest level of care.

Proprietary Annotation Platform

Every project benefits from our unique, scalable AI-driven platform, designed for high efficiency, seamless collaboration, and top-tier quality data annotation.

Dedicated Project Manager

A skilled project manager will supervise your project, ensuring consistent progress, maintaining high-quality standards, and ensuring your complete satisfaction at every stage.

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