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Data Annotation Service

Get professional, efficient and low-cost data labeling service for all types of training dataset and all industries


Labeled datasets of all types


Selected global annotation teams


Data quality review


Years of training data experience

Data Labeling Service
Data Labelling Service

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Your Ultimate Data Annotation Solution

Image Annotation Services
Video Annotation Services
Computer Vision Data Annotation Service

Computer Vision | Image & Video

  • 2D Bounding Box Annotation

  • 2D Cuboid Annotation

  • Skeleton Annotation

  • Polygon & Poly-line

  • Key Point Annotation

  • Curve Annotation

  • Image Segmentation

  • 2D Object Tracking

Point Cloud Annotation Service
3D Sensor Fusion Annotation Service

Computer Vision | 3D Sensor Fusion

  • 3D Bounding Box Annotation

  • 3D Cuboid Annotation

  • 2D Cuboid Annotation

  • Point Cloud Segmentation

  • Drivable Area Annotation

  • Lane Annotation

  • Sensor Fusion Annotation

  • 3D Object Tracking

Model Fine-Tuning

Large Language Models and Generative AI

  • Data Cleaning and Extraction

  • Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback

  • Conversations Construction and Evaluation

  • Model Fine-Tuning and Evaluation

  • Multimodal Data Annotation for the Next Generation Language Models

Language Understanding
Information Extraction

Natural Language Processing

  • Coreference Resolution

  • Tokenization Annotation

  • Translation Transcription

  • Text Summarization

  • Spell-Checking

  • Entity Annotation

  • Relation Extraction

  • Question-Answering Annotation

Audio Data Annotation Service
Speech Annotation Service
Audio / Speech Annotation

Audio / Speech Annotation

  • Speech Transcription

  • Speech Segmentation

  • Speech Review

  • Audio Classification

  • Speaker Diarization

  • Emotion Labeling

  • Keyword Spotting

  • Paralinguistic Labeling

Direct Moderation
User Generated Content Moderation

User Generated Content Moderation

  • Social Media Moderation

  • Comment Moderation

  • Review Moderation

  • Offensive Content Detection

  • Fake News Detection

  • Hate Speech Detection

  • Content Filtering

  • Spam Detection

AI Annotation Services

Why BasicAI?

Annotation Platform

All projects will be conducted with scalable AI-powered annotation platform born for efficiency, collaboration and quality.

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Robust Data Security Measures

We provide continuous data supervision, stringent process management, and a use-and-destroy policy, ensuring your data remains secure, private, and handled with utmost care.

High Quality and On-time Delivery

With rigorously trained annotators, quality control and AI-assisted workflows, we guarantee high-quality labeled data and on-time delivery to meet your project requirements.

The Most Competitive Pricing

With AI-powered platform that boosts efficiency and quality, BasicAI provides the most competitive hourly rate in the market.

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Data Annotation Outsourcing

How We Ensure Annotation Quality and Accuracy

Automated QA

Our AI-powered platform checks annotations against customized quality criteria in real-time, catching errors early and reducing costly rework.

Dedicated Project Manager

We assign a dedicated project manager to oversee each project, taking care of the quality and coordinating with our global data annotation team.

BasicAI Quality Assurance
Strict Vendor Training & Test

We train annotation teams extensively on your annotation guidelines and quality standards, auditing skills before project assignment.

Quality Evaluation

As part of the project overview, our system provides real-time quality reports as feedback for annotators, keeping quality standards high at all times.

How We Work with Your Project

BasicAI Service Process

We ensure a perfect fit by understanding your unique machine learning model needs, crafting a personalized plan, and offering a free pilot run for your confidence in our high-quality service.

Our experts, trained rigorously, master your specific requirements and tools, ensuring they deliver superior accuracy and quality in every data labeling task.

Through our meticulous data labeling process and robust quality assurance system, we guarantee you reliable, error-free results that stand up to the highest standards.

Your satisfaction is our benchmark, and we don't consider a project complete until it meets your machine learning standards and ours, embracing post-project reviews for continuous improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at

  • How is the plan's subscription period determined?
    The subscription period spans one calendar month, starting from the current date and time and ending at the same date and time the following month. If the next month does not have a corresponding date, the period extends to the end of that month (e.g., January 31st to February 28th).
  • Can I modify my team subscription plan during the ongoing subscription period?
    Absolutely! You can adjust your subscription plan without canceling your current subscription. Upgrades are effective immediately, while downgrades come into effect at the start of the next subscription period.
  • Will my model invocation instances reset after my subscription renews?
    The model invocation instances included in your plan will refresh on a monthly basis and do not accumulate. However, any extra instances you've purchased separately will remain available until they are used up.
  • If I purchased a package before the release of pricing plans, do I need to subscribe?
    😎 No worries! If you've pre-purchased a package offline, your existing plan will remain accessible even after the introduction of the new pricing plans. You can continue to use your current plan without any disruption.

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