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Data Annotation for Smart Agriculture

Efficient, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Data Annotation Services for Agricultural AI Model Training

Agricultural AI Model - Right

Smart Animal Husbandry

BasicAI data annotation services are crucial to the development of AI applications in smart animal husbandry. We provide precise annotations that train CV models to accurately detect and classify animals, monitor their behavior, and identify signs of disease. With our training data, models can also estimate animal weight and inspect eggs, thereby enhancing automation in poultry house management.

Husbandry AI Models
Husbandry Model - Bounding Box
Husbandry Model - Object Detection

Object Detection

Precision Farming AI Models
Modern Precision Farming
Precision Farming AI Model - Irrigation
Precision Farming AI Model - Drones

Modern Precision Farming

Precision is key in modern agriculture, and our data annotation services lay the foundation for this precision. We deliver high-quality annotated datasets that help train AI models to analyze drone-captured images for crop health, irrigation needs, and pest detection. Our services enable the creation of AI applications that support farmers in making data-driven decisions, boosting crop yields and sustainability.

Crops Monitoring and Prediction

Crops Monitoring and Prediction

Semantic Segmentation: For differentiating between crop types and identifying crop growth stages.
Image Classification: For early disease detection and assessing overall crop health.
Temporal Annotation: For capturing growth patterns and predicting harvest times.
Polygon Annotation: Used for training models to estimate crop yield by identifying and calculating the area of crop fields.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring

Image Classification: For differentiating between various farm infrastructure components.
Semantic Segmentation: Helps to analyze the structural integrity of farm buildings and other physical assets.
Object Detection: For identifying leaks in irrigation systems.

3D Point Cloud Annotation: For creating detailed digital twins of farm infrastructure for monitoring and maintenance.

Automated Farm Machinery

Automated Farm Machinery

Bounding Box Annotation: For obstacle detection and autonomous navigation.
Polygon Annotation: For delineating farmland boundaries and guiding machinery.
Semantic Segmentation: For distinguishing between crops and non-crop elements in the field.
Key Point Annotation: Assists in training models to understand the orientation and position of various farm equipment for safe and effective automation.

Farm Security Monitoring

Farm Security Monitoring

Video Annotation: Used to train AI surveillance systems to detect unusual activities or intruders.
Image Classification: Assists in distinguishing between regular farm activity and potential security breaches.
Object Tracking Annotation: For continuous monitoring of livestock or machinery.
Bounding Box Annotation: For detecting potential threats to livestock or crops.


Why BasicAI?

Quality and Prompt Delivery Assured

Our expertly trained team, stringent quality control, and AI-enhanced workflows guarantee exceptional and punctual data annotation tailored to your project requirements.

Robust Data Security Measures

Our proactive monitoring, rigorous process management, and policy of data disposal after use ensure your data is guarded with utmost care, preserving its safety and privacy.

Proprietary Annotation Platform

Each project leverages our proprietary, scalable, AI-powered platform, designed to maximize efficiency, foster collaboration, and deliver superior quality data annotation.

Dedicated Project Manager

A proficient project manager will oversee your project, guaranteeing steady progress, upholding top-quality standards, and ensuring your absolute satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle.

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