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Pricing Plans
for BasicAI Cloud

Since June 7th, 2023, all new users on BasicAI Cloud can have 50 seats, 100GB storage, 1,000 model calls and full access to all the powerful features. Additional resources can be purchased.


Customize the payment cycle, seats, storage and model calls, and get an exclusive plan for your company

Core Interests

All features in free plan

On-demand Seats:

0-50: $19 / user

51-100: $17.1 / user

101-200: $15.2 / user

201-300: $13.3 / user

301+: Contact us

On-demand Storage (GB):

0-100: Free

101-max: $0.3 / GB / month

On-demand Model Calls (K):

1-10: $20

11-50: $18

51-100: $16

101-max: $12


All Users - Free

Enjoy all the powerful features on AI-powered BasicAI Cloud, for FREE!

Core Interests

50 seats - Perfect for collaborative annotation projects

200GB data storage - 200K images or 2K point clouds on avg.

1,000 model calls - Auto-annotate 1K images or point clouds

Workflow and Task management

Performance management

Roles and permission

Image tool - manual, automated, or semi-auto annotation

Video (consecutive frames) tool

3D LiDAR tool - single frame or frame series (with object detection and tracking models)

2D & 3D Sensor Fusion tool - manual, automated, or semi-auto annotation and fusion segmentation

Upload, visualize, and modify pre-annotated data from external sources

Models management

Ontology management

Result export

All Access for FREE!


Customize the payment cycle, seats, storage and model calls, and get an exclusive plan for your company

Core Interests

All teamwork features (workflow, task, roles and performance management)

Full image, video, 3D LiDAR, sensor fusion tool and 4D radar tool (beta)

Custom seats, storage and model calls

Organization structure and role authority management

Data pre-processing

On-premise deployment options

· This promotional campaign is brought to you by BasicAI and is valid from now until November 2023. BasicAI may adjust campaign policies or introduce new ones from time to time, depending on circumstances. To stay informed about the latest policy updates, please visit the BasicAI official website.
· Starting June 7th 2023, all BasicAI Cloud users have access to 50 seats, 100GB of storage, 1,000 model calls (until depleted), and full feature usage privileges. If you need additional resources, you can still opt for a paid subscription, with pricing varying based on the required seats, storage, and model calls. Subscription Agreement is available here.
· BasicAI will continuously update, upgrade, and optimize its products. As a result, the features and performance of BasicAI Cloud may change accordingly. For accurate and up-to-date information, please refer to the latest announcements on the BasicAI official website.
· If you have any questions regarding this promotional campaign, feel free to reach out to the BasicAI product support team via email at

Frequently Asked Questions

* Can I get extra seats, storage, or model invocation instances?

😀 Absolutely! BasicAI Cloud offers a flexible pricing plan to cater to your specific needs. You can easily purchase additional seats, storage, and model invocation instances on-demand at tiered pricing levels. Contact us to get more information.

How is the plan's subscription period determined?

The subscription period spans one calendar month, starting from the current date and time and ending at the same date and time the following month. If the next month does not have a corresponding date, the period extends to the end of that month (e.g., January 31st to February 28th).

Can I modify my team subscription plan during the ongoing subscription period?

Absolutely! You can adjust your subscription plan without canceling your current subscription. Upgrades are effective immediately, while downgrades come into effect at the start of the next subscription period.

Will my model calls `reset in the next month?

The model invocation instances included in your plan will refresh on a monthly basis and do not accumulate. However, any extra instances (those in the free plan included) you've purchased separately will remain available until they are used up.

If I purchased a package before the release of pricing plans, do I need to subscribe?

😎 No worries! If you've pre-purchased a package offline, your existing plan will remain accessible even after the introduction of the new pricing plans. You can continue to use your current plan without any disruption.

BasicAI Cloud in their eyes
It's easy to solve AI/ML problems with BasicAI. We used this product for one of the AI problems where it performed very well for data labeling, model training and using existing workflows makes it best among other products.
Computer Vision Engineer
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