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BasicAI Service

Data Annotation & Data Labeling Services 

Get professional, efficient, and low-cost data labeling services for all types of training datasets and all industries

What We Do

Human-in-the-Loop Data Annotation Service

Strengthen your AI projects with our data labeling experts in a meticulous data annotation process

Our skilled annotators deliver accurate and consistent annotations, enhancing the performance of your AI models through high-quality training data and rigorous quality control.

What We Offer

Ultimate AI Training Data Solution

We offer a range of customizable tools and workflows tailored to meet the diverse needs of your projects. Our data labeling services not only simplify operations but also reduce costs, all at an affordable price.

3D Sensor Fusion Data Labeling Service

Unlock a new dimension in autonomous systems and computer vision with our cutting-edge 3D sensor fusion data labeling. Our experts meticulously annotate point clouds, LiDAR scans, and multi-sensor data, fueling unprecedented accuracy in perception and decision-making capabilities.

Diverse Tools To Meet Any of Your Project Requirements

  • Bounding Box

  • ​Polygon/Poly-line​

  • Ellipse​

  • Circle

  • Keypoint

  • Skeleton

  • Cuboid

  • Instance Segmentation

  • Semantic Segmentation

  • Sensor fusion

data annotation tool-cuboid
data annotation tool-bounding box
data annotation tool-curve
data annotation tool- skeleton
data annotation tool-polygon
data annotation tool
data annotation tool-line
data annotation tool-bounding box

A Wide Range of Industries

How We Work
With Your Project

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Robust Platform

Our robust annotation platform, BasicAI Cloud, offers diverse tools and data format support, combining AI and human expertise for efficient and accurate annotation tasks.

BasicAI Cloud
BasicAI Cloud

Quality Assurance

We have established a comprehensive quality assurance mechanism that ensures highly accurate annotation results through multiple validation and balancing stages, providing a trustworthy data foundation for AI models.

Workflow Management at BasicAI
Quality Assurance at BasicAI

4 Things Our Customers Like Most About BasicAI

Competitive Price

Our streamlined processes and global network of skilled annotators enable us to deliver premium annotation services at budget-friendly rates, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Dedicated Project Manager

Each client is assigned a dedicated project manager who oversees the project progress, coordinates annotation and quality assurance teams, and ensures top-notch, timely completion to meet your requirements.

Dedicated Project Manager