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BasicAI Cloud v0.11: Driving Annotation Collaboration at Scale

BasicAI Cloud v0.11: designed to optimize large collaborative data annotation projects, with partner management and enhanced task system




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People, Processes and Tools are the three pillars for project success. This famous "PPT framework" was first proposed by Harold Leavitt in the 1960s, functioning like a three-legged stool . If one leg is off balance, the whole stool tilts.

The same applies to successful data annotation projects.

Over the past 7+ years, the BasicAI team has worked with many excellent annotation teams. Together we have produced countless high-quality training datasets on BasicAI Cloud. These datasets empower engineers to train all kinds of advanced AI models, making life smarter and more convenient all over the world.

BasicAI Cloud was born for large collaborative annotation projects. We integrate optimized Processes and convenient Tools into BasicAI Cloud, never stopping to make things better. We keep improving workflows and refining annotation tools based on user feedback, pushing more annotation projects to success.

Let's take a look at what's new in the latest v0.11 release!

BasicAI Cloud has updated to version 0.11

Partner Management

Through conversations with customers, we realized that managing partners has become a must-have for large-scale annotation projects where many teams need to collaborate. Now, we're excited to announce BasicAI Cloud now supports partner management starting this release. Team admins can now efficiently manage partners for cross-team task assignments, with capabilities to add, edit, remove, and view partners. Project managers can distribute tasks and reviews across teams, enhancing workflow customization and task management. Teams assigned different tasks will only see what they have access to, ensuring project security.

Partner Management Module on BasicAI Cloud

To manage your partners, simply click your account in the top right, go to "Team", and you'll see the new "Partners" module under "Team Management". You can invite other teams to become your partner by entering their Team ID, and vice versa.

New Project Module

Our product team at BasicAI has been optimizing for large team annotation projects, working to reduce friction as we know efficiency is key.

To better empower users to manage multiple annotation projects, we've completely overhauled project management into its own module. Users will now see a Project tab in the left main menu where they can quickly overview progress across projects, and manage individual project subtasks all in one place. This update brings more efficient task management with enhanced search, filter functions, customizable project creation, project-linked tasks, and role-based privileges.

New Project Module on BasicAI Cloud

Task Optimization

Enhanced Global Task List

We've optimized the Global Task List for efficient task management with advanced filtering, custom table headers, and enhanced sorting options. The Global Task List is now tailored to manage large amounts of tasks without accessing each one individually. This allows for more versatile task sections, diverse filtering options, customizable table headers with selectable fields, and better task management with advanced sorting and filter reset capabilities.

Enhanced global task list on BasicAI Cloud

Batch Task Creation

We understand that project managers often need to create many tasks for a project, and creating them one by one is tedious. Things have changed. BasicAI Cloud now supports batch task creation, allowing simultaneous creation of multiple tasks with customizable naming rules and configuration options.

Batch task creation on BasicAI Cloud

For example, if you have a project for annotating sensor-fused data, you can divide tasks by batches or by the number of continuous frames when creating tasks in batches. For sub-task naming, BasicAI Cloud provides several constant and variable options. Subsequently, you can configure individual tasks or batch configurations. Combined with the new Partner Management feature, project managers can easily assign batch-created sub-tasks to different annotation teams.

Other Updates

Independent Attributes and Performance

For sensor fusion data annotation, BasicAI Cloud now supports different attribute settings for different data types. Users can also view accuracy metrics for different data types in fusion data.

Independent attributes and performance for sensor fusion data on BasicAI Cloud

Video Extraction

Users can now upload video files in MP4, MOV, and WMV formats and extract frames to form a continuous sequence, supporting a maximum of 1000 frames per scene.

Video extraction on BasicAI Cloud

Performance Module

New features like year-long summaries, team and project filters, task search modifications, and enhanced worker performance and export options will be introduced to improve your productivity.

Independent Points Count

This update enables viewing different data point counts in sensor fusion data, distinguishing between LiDAR and Radar points in rendering view and during export.

Skeleton Line Color Customization

This feature allows users to configure different colors for skeleton lines in the Ontology setup, catering to unique needs with an added feature to toggle the appearance of arrows on the lines.

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