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BasicAI Cloud's New Pricing Plan: Get More Done Faster with 10x Free Model Calls

BasicAI Cloud is rolling out updated pricing plans designed to provide more flexible options for customers with varying needs.




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As AI continues to advance by leaps and bounds in 2024, our team is redoubling our efforts and dedication to enhancing BasicAI Cloud. We are immensely grateful for all the feedback and sincere feature requests users have shared. Our dedicated dev team has tirelessly incorporated user feedback into platform improvements and new features – especially our collaborative workflow management, which is now seamlessly supporting the operations of many data annotation teams.

BasicAI Cloud New Pricing Changes 2024: Smart Data Annotation Tools

After careful consideration, we have updated the platform's pricing structure to allow teams of all sizes to efficiently produce training datasets at minimal cost and take full advantage of our standout features, including the smart data annotation toolkit and team collaboration system, to build AI applications with greater confidence.

New Pricing Plan Overview

We have segmented the new pricing structure into three plans based on user needs: Free Plan, Team Plan, and Enterprise Plan. All three plans have access to the platform's full capabilities. For the Team Plan, we are introducing flexible pricing with a 20% discount for annual subscriptions. Read on for more details about the specific changes and updates to these different plans.

Free Plan: 10,000 Free Model Calls

Users are automatically enrolled in the Free Plan upon account registration. This plan allows full access to BasicAI Cloud's powerful features, such as auto-annotation and workflow management, for a set period. Under the new pricing structure, we have increased the number of model calls available in the Free Plan tenfold to 10,000. This means researchers can efficiently create 10 datasets containing 1,000 images or 3D sensor fusion data each, with model calls representing the reduction of data annotation work to fine-tuning model inference results. The Free Plan also includes 200GB of data storage and 5 seats, making it a solid choice for independent AI developers or most smaller AI research teams.

Free Plan: Smart Data Annotation Tools

Team Plan: Yearly SAVE 20%

For teams with higher demands, the Team Plan offers the perfect balance of flexibility and cost-efficiency. With the new pricing structure, most team users no longer need to communicate with the BasicAI team and can directly customize their own Team Plan within the platform. Costs are clearer, more transparent, and predictable.

Team Plan users have access to all BasicAI Cloud features and can maximize their use of the team collaboration system to complete large annotation projects. The Team Plan determines differentiated resources and prices based on the number of seats, ensuring costs are not wasted. The plan supports up to 50 seats, with each seat incurring a monthly fee of $9. Each additional seat increases the team's storage space by 50GB and monthly model calls by 5,000. We also provide free technical support to Team Plan subscribers to ensure smooth project execution. The Team Plan is ideal for medium-sized data labeling teams looking to quickly complete AI training data annotation projects in the most cost-effective and intelligent manner.

To more intuitively anticipate Team Plan costs, let's consider an example. Suppose an annotation business team of 16 people customizes a 16-seat Team Plan. The team will enjoy 16*50GB=800GB of data storage space and 16*5,000=80,000 model calls on the platform for a monthly subscription fee of just 16*$9=$144. If paid annually, they will receive a 20% discount, reducing the monthly cost to approximately $115.

Team Plan: Smart Data Annotation Tools

Enterprise Plan / Private Deployment

For teams with over 50 members or institutional users, contact us to develop a tailored Enterprise Plan at a more favorable price. This plan can have customized number of seats, data storage space, and unlimited model calls. BasicAI will provide free customization and deployment of additional rules required for real-time QA and batch QA. Furthermore, data conversion services will be provided free of charge to support the special needs of Enterprise Plan users.

Alternatively, institutions can opt for private deployment services, with the BasicAI team providing professional platform setup and maintenance. Private deployment offers maximized data security, allowing users to manage software and feature updates according to their situation or conduct multi-tenant management. If you want to deploy the industry-leading BasicAI Cloud platform locally, contact us to discuss solutions.

Enterprise Plan: Smart Data Annotation Tools

How to Upgrade to a Team Plan

When you sign up, you're automatically enrolled in the free plan with a team. You can invite up to 4 users to join your team at 0 cost. By upgrading to a team plan, your team can accommodate up to 50 seats. Pricing varies based on the number of seats needed, and you'll get access to different resources (storage space, model usage) depending on your plan.

To upgrade to a team plan or check pricing for the number of seats you require, head to the platform:

  • First, click on your profile in the top right corner and select "Team" from the dropdown menu.

  • On the "Team" page, switch to the "Plan & Billing" tab. There, you'll see your current plan and resource usage.

  • Click the "Subscribe" button to enter the subscription page. Under "Members," choose the number of seats you need. The price will be displayed on the left. Above the number of seats, you'll find two subscription options: monthly and yearly (save 20%).

  • After selecting the number of seats and subscription type, click "Select" to proceed to the payment page. Once payment is complete, you'll be instantly upgraded to the team plan. After subscribing, if your needs change, you can further upgrade (effective immediately) or downgrade (effective the following month) your team plan.

See the demo below:

Note that the subscription period spans a calendar month, starting from the current date and time and ending on the same date and time the following month. If the next month doesn't have a corresponding date, the period extends to the end of that month (e.g., January 31 to February 28).

About "Model Calls" Consumption

Human-machine coupling has become the new paradigm for data labeling. BasicAI Cloud's smart data labeling system integrates SOTA models for different modalities, allowing users to freely utilize model-powered data annotation tools during labeling. The models cover data types such as images, videos, audio, and 3D sensor fusion, supporting tasks like 2D/3D auto-annotation, 2D/3D auto-segmentation, 2D/3D auto-object tracking annotation, and audio transcription.

When users employ smart data labeling tools, they consume a certain number of model calls. The calculation of model call consumption is as follows:

  • 2D/3D single-frame data: n auto-annotations using embedded models consume n model calls.

  • 2D/3D continuous-frame data: Assuming n is the number of tracking frames, object tracking annotation using built-in models consumes n+1 model calls.

  • Interactive annotation/segmentation: Assuming n is the number of fine-tuning iterations, using interactive data annotation tools consumes n+1 model calls.

  • Audio/video transcription: Using automatic speech recognition models for n minutes counts as n model calls.


Q: Can I purchase additional model calls separately if I run out?

A: Users of all plans can absolutely do so. The cost for additional model calls is $1 per 1,000 calls. Purchased calls are one-time and will not reset or restore in the following month.

Q: I subscribed to the Team Plan but later discovered I need to increase/decrease resources. What should I do?

A: The Team Plan supports upgrades or downgrades to flexibly adapt to changes in team and project requirements.

Q: Will the 10,000 model calls in the Free Plan renew next month after I use them up?

A: The model calls in the Free Plan are one-time and will not reset or restore in the following month until exhausted. Users with a high demand for smart data annotation tools can consider joining the flexible Team Plan, where model calls are replenished each month.

Q: Under the new pricing model, what changes will my current account plan undergo?

A: Starting March 18, 2024, existing free accounts will automatically transition to the new Free Plan.

Q: If I don't know which plan to choose, who should I consult?

A: If you have questions related to pricing, private deployment needs, or data labeling service requirements, you can contact our sales team for assistance and solutions.

Q: What is BasicAI Cloud and why should my team use it?

A: BasicAI Cloud is an all-in-one smart data annotation platform with AI-powered data labeling tools and robust collaboration features. It streamlines the entire data labeling workflow, reducing the time and resources required for annotation projects. The platform accelerates your model development by improving data quality and expediting timelines.

With BasicAI Cloud, you can annotate 3D sensor fusion, image, video, and audio data using a complete and intuitive toolset. Our model-powered tools automate tasks such as data annotation, object tracking, segmentation, and speech transcription, allowing you to focus on the most critical aspects of your project. The platform enables you to inspect and modify sensor fusion annotations across data types and viewpoints within a single interface, providing a seamless experience for managing complex datasets.

Furthermore, BasicAI Cloud empowers your team to collaborate more efficiently by allowing you to customize workflows, member roles, and data allocation across tasks. In-depth project status, task, and annotator performance analytics provide valuable insights to optimize your processes. You can also automate custom quality assurance processes with configurable rulesets, ensuring high-quality results.

By choosing BasicAI Cloud, you'll be able to organize your data effortlessly and integrate data import & export with your cloud storage, making it the ideal choice for teams looking to accelerate their model development and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving AI industry. Invest in BasicAI Cloud today and experience the difference it can make for your data labeling projects.

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