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Demo | How Can ChatGPT Help Annotation of Computer Vision Data? Here’s the Answer!

Many believe that ChatGPT can not help computer vision data annotation. Proudly, we would say it can, in another way. The GPT-embedded Basic Bot can help you build Ontologies and Annotation Instructions through chat!

Say Hello to Basic Bot

We are excited to announce that ChatGPT has been integrated with our newly developed data assistant, Basic Bot*. The integration has made BasicAI Cloud platform the WORLD’s FIRST ChatGPT-integrated training data platform that helps curate, manage, and label your dataset 10X faster!

Watch the Demo

Who is Basic Bot?

Manually building of Ontologies and drafting hundreds of pages of annotation doc can be time-consuming and error-prone. That’s what Basic Bot can help a lot!

Basic Bot, Your Data Assistant Integrated with ChatGPT

Let’s say Hello to our Basic Bot, your personal data assistant! The Basic Bot is expected to support, rather than labeling sensor data directly, the necessary work at the initial stages of annotation projects.

Basic Bot can perform the following tasks to help you with your annotation projects:

  • Generate human-like answers

  • Recommend Ontologies

  • Create Ontologies for you

  • Generate Annotation Doc

  • Convert Ontologies to text

  • Create annotation tasks

  • Set up Ontologies based on your annotation instructions

The Story Behind Basic Bot

We’re excited to share our journey in developing 🤖️ Basic Bot! Check out our story and learn how Basic Bot is changing the game for computer vision data training:

How do you like Basic Bot?

BasicAI is committed to providing you with the most efficient and reliable tool for your training data needs. We appreciate your feedback and welcome your suggestions for improvement. If you encounter any issues with your previous dataset and output, or if you have suggestions and personal comments on our new functions, please feel free to contact our team at

Sign up for early access at

*This feature is coming soon


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