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We are proud to announce that BasicAI Cloud V0.6 is released!

As your BasicAI Cloud projects become more complex, manual revision becomes arduous. Our new update allows complete management of the division of labor. You can finally form a tailored workflow to meet the needs of your team.

We would like to thank the commercial users who have supported us since version 0.5!

Task-flow is supported!

New Features

Task flow

The dataset can be managed by creating the Task, and assigning it to the Worker to annotate or review. In the last step, the Task Admin can accept or reject the annotation work.

New roles include:

  • Worker: The Annotator and Reviewer can work on annotation tasks;

  • Worker Admin: The manager of Workers can manage the task process and view the annotation results;

  • Task Admin: Dataset owner (ML team) can accept annotation results and continue model training.

Pre-load templates with popular datasets and their ontology settings

  • 3D LiDAR datasets now include PandaSet 3D Object Detection, 3D Object Tracking, and 3D Debug Tasks.

  • For image datasets, COCO and PandaSet tasks can be found in the Task template.

  • More datasets will be supported soon!

Fix and Changes

  • With today’s update, we have solved many known bugs.

  • Please note that the data structure changed and may affect your previous datasets and annotation results.

  • If you have any issues with your previous dataset and output, please email our team at

Get early access at

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