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BasicAI Cloud Platform

BasicAI Cloud is a data-centric MLOps platform that efficiently develops and iterates your AI model. Your entire AI lifecycle is taken care of with reproducibility, manageability, and automation.

The Most Efficient

Data-Centric MLOps Software Infrastructure

The Next GEN


Training Data Platform

Parallel Lines

Level Up Your
Decreased Costs


Develop models 10x faster with Al powered tools and streamlined workflows


Get 72%+ increase in labeling efficiency for 2D & 3D LiDAR-Camera Sensor Fusion


Enjoy open interfaces for docking embedded models and user defined models

Take flexible modeling reasoning parameter tunning, synchronous and asynchronous

Leverage a variety of multisensory data management and data curation tools

The Most Powerful Annotation Suite
The full life-cycle of data curation is empowered by AI to produce efficient output with decreased costs
2D & 3D Fusion Annotation
Upload 2D & 3D fusion data in simpler steps. Annotation in 3D point-cloud is auto-mapped to 2D images.
3D Point Cloud Frame Series
O_point-cloud frame series.GIF
Manually annotate in every single frame? No! Objects are tracked in point cloud frame series. 
Pre-Labeling Models*
Human-in-the-Loop Data Annotation Tooling.

Labeling by hand is slow and error-prone.

With pre-labeling, interactive labeling and real-time error check that embeds BasicAI's pretrained AI models, the quality and efficiency of your data annotation will be boosted by up to 97% and 158%, thus the cost and iteration cycle of your model will be hugely reduced.

workflow management.GIF
Improve the way you work with teams through our workflow management setup. Your whole workflow is supported by AI QC.
Data Visualization
Visualize 2D & 3D data with different granularity and scales, for high-efficient data review and multi-dimensional analysis. 
Semi-Automatic Annotation
O_semi-automatic annotation.GIF
Maximize semi-automatic annotation with smart segmentation and well-designed human-machine interactions. 
Data Curation
Data curation is a key component of any company’s data strategy. With BasicAI Cloud's powerful features, you can easily curate your best datasets for faster model building.
Ontology Center
Ontology was first introduced by BasicAI Cloud to accelerate the model development process. 

The Ontology Center will help you:

·  Standardise your annotation project
·  Manage your datasets with maximized efficiency
·  Search across datasets
·  Create new datasets through filter
·  Get recommendations of Ontologies, etc.
In the Ontology mechanism, the Class and Classification are defined in a tree structure, which facilitates sharing, merging and recommendation in Ontologies among AI customers.
workflow management.GIF
Smooth Workflow &
Effective Team Collaboration
Task Workflow allows you to create tasks and workflows, select team members, and monitor progress in real-time. With a variety of sampling and acceptance methods and comprehensive performance management, BasicAI Cloud helps you streamline your workflow and achieve your data preparation goals.

The roles and permissions system enables you to add and manage other users and teams as needed. Teams can collaborate and work together in real-time to increase productivity. Admin user can restrict access to sensitive data and resources to maintain their security and integrity.
BasicAI Cloud in their eyes
It's easy to solve AI/ML problems with BasicAI. We used this product for one of the AI problems where it performed very well for data labeling, model training and using existing workflows makes it best among other products.
Computer Vision Engineer
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