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The Future of Warehousing: How BasicAI's Intelligent Solution is Transforming the Industry

Explore how BasicAI transforms warehousing with intelligent solutions, automating operations for increased efficiency and cost savings




BasicAI Marketing Team

Warehouse management can be intricate and demanding, especially for businesses whose lifeline relies on smooth warehouse operations to maintain their supply chain. A minor glitch in warehouse operations can trigger a domino effect, disrupting the performance, efficiency, and outcome of interconnected tasks. The ripple effect can send shockwaves throughout the supply chain, impacting financial performance, customer satisfaction, and overall business health. It's a stark reality: no warehouse is immune to problems. Efficient management is key to ensuring an uninterrupted flow across the supply chain.

BasicAI is pioneering intelligent warehousing to revolutionize storage management in manufacturing. By combining LiDAR and high-definition cameras to capture storage spaces, BasicAI's solution uses instance segmentation and object tracking to process data and integrate with robots for automated sorting and transportation. The remarkable outcome includes reduced labor costs, enhanced safety and accuracy, and a paperless warehousing system.

Robots applied for warehousing

Tackling the Gritty Realities of Warehouse Systems

A leading German industrial company, known for crafting top-tier warehousing solutions, serves a diverse clientele spanning manufacturing, automotive, new energy, medical, clothing, and retail sectors. Despite their expertise, they face daunting challenges in system management such as inventory management, goods classification, loss control, and more. These hurdles demand a hefty human workforce and potentially compromise security and confidentiality.

Costly and Inefficient Operations: Traditional warehousing operations are riddled with inefficiency. Disjointed data management in warehouse subsystems necessitates manual surveillance, documentation, and data handoff at numerous nodes. This leads to operations that are labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Messy Warehouse Layouts: The relentless rise of e-commerce and mounting storage costs underscore the need for optimal warehouse space utilization. Yet, storage space often goes underused despite best efforts.

Problems with Order Management: Order management, which includes everything from order acceptance to product picking, packing, and shipping, is fraught with potential pitfalls. A single mistake can derail the entire process, wasting time and money, and risking customer dissatisfaction.

Failing to Prepare For Seasonal Demand: Seasonal demand fluctuations present yet another challenge. Particularly during peak e-commerce periods, managing stock levels can be a herculean task. Warehouse managers must stay abreast of market trends and demand variations to manage stock levels efficiently.

Safety Concerns for Workers: Warehouses are often filled to the brim with heavy goods, posing a serious hazard for employees handling these items.

Accidental Redundancy: Large warehouses are prone to redundancy errors, especially during order picking. When multiple workers handle the same order, they might pick more of the same product than necessary, leading to wastage.

Excessive Spending on Labor: While automation appears costly, manual labor constitutes over 50% of budget spending in some traditional warehouses.

To tackle these challenges effectively, BasicAI has provided customers with a comprehensive solution through privatization deployment, creating a perfect automated intelligent warehousing management system.

BasicAI: Driving Intelligent Transformation Throughout the Supply Chain

Transitioning from manual, paper-based systems to automated, intelligent solutions is vital. To cater to clients' needs, BasicAI provides end-to-end, privately deployed solutions to create the ultimate automated intelligent system:

1. Capturing storage space with LiDAR and HD cameras to obtain 3D point cloud data and images from multiple angles

2. Employing BasicAI Cloud platform to perform instance segmentation and object tracking annotation in sensor fusion data, including shelves, transport chassis (plate), forklifts, people, and ground lane lines;

Data annotation for warehousing scenarios
To protect client data safety, the image is sourced from open-source datasets

3. Train the model with labeled data, coordinate it with warehouse infrastructure such as robotic arms, and divide warehouse spaces into zones like raw material, finished product, and sorting areas. This approach automates data collection, sorting, and transportation, minimizing labor costs while maximizing safety and accuracy;

4. Leverage the cloud platform's automated data interconnection and multi-terminal collaboration capabilities to establish a paperless warehousing system.

BasicAI's platform capabilities are the backbone of the solution, aiding customers in training models and tackling warehouse management issues. It optimizes efficiency during the training process, saves annotation time, and delivers highly accurate results through 2D&3D fusion segmentation and object tracking. The automated annotation feature is a game-changer in boosting overall annotation efficiency. The platform also supports large-scale team annotation projects, thereby enhancing model training efficiency and fast-tracking solution deployment.

After adopting BasicAI's solution, customers have seen a sea change in their operations:

✅ Daily completion of 300-400 inbound/outbound tasks

✅ 30-35% faster inbound/outbound durations

✅ Over $700K in annual warehouse management savings

✅ Online, standardized loading/unloading processes, elimination of paper document circulation and handovers, and full-process data visualization

Robotic arms applied in warehousing

In the rapidly evolving world of warehousing, BasicAI's intelligent solution stands as a testament to the power of technological innovation. By embracing these advancements, companies can elevate their warehousing operations, strengthen their supply chains, and pave the way for a more efficient and prosperous future.

With seven years of AI data experience, BasicAI supports AI teams' growth and fosters AI-driven transformation across various industries, such as autonomous driving, ADAS, smart cities, and intelligent retail. By utilizing multi-modal training data platforms, data collection and labeling, model training and development, and private deployment services, BasicAI aims to maximize cost reduction and efficiency improvements in every sector.

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