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BasicAI Cloud Launches Version 0.8.2 with New ACC Lock and Inspector Role Features

Discover BasicAI Cloud v0.8.2: ACC lock, Inspector, enhanced data management, advanced Fusion segmentation and more!




Claudia Yun

Discover the latest update to BasicAI Cloud, featuring new functions like ACC lock and inspector role to improve your annotation business, enhanced data management, and advanced annotation capabilities. Contact us for support!

BasicAI Cloud has recently launched its latest version 0.8.2, packed with new features and improvements to enhance your data annotation business. Here's a breakdown of what's new:

Improved data management

Inspector Role - Select team members as Inspectors, using the same selection process as admins. A "?" icon next to "Assign Inspector" will display a toggle message stating that Inspectors can accept tasks.

The Distribution of Inspector

ACC Lock - Data is locked when viewed, but the user can still perform tasks such as Accept, Reject, or Reassign. Unlocking data is simple - just click on the prompt and search for the person who locked it or modify the UI for the locking feature.

The Lock Style of V8.2
Lock Style

Other Improvements - Web upload now supports larger datasets up to 1GB and multilevel directories, making it easier to organize and upload data. The Export function now includes original file paths, simplifying file location. Batch processing is now supported for both datasets and tasks.

Enhanced annotation tool and Ontology

BasicAI Cloud now supports LiDAR Fusion with Fusion segmentation, providing advanced annotation capabilities. Alias support for Ontologies is also now available and displayed in tools.

Fix and Changes

With today's update, we have resolved many known bugs, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience. Our team is committed to providing the best support possible, so if you have any issues with previous datasets or outputs, feel free to contact us at 📧

The other adjustment of bugs
Button Adjustment

At BasicAI Cloud, we believe that with the latest update, we have made data management and annotation more efficient than ever before. These new features and enhancements will help you improve your annotation business and get more done in less time. Try it out today, and let us know what you think!

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