Accelerate the development of your AI applications with the best quality training data. Or license our annotation platform software to efficiently manage labeling workflows on your own.

Platform Pricing

Free Tools

Free Labeling Tools

Up to 1,000 Hours

Basic Cloud

Annual or Monthly License

multi-Tenant Cloud

Private Cloud

Annual License

Single Tenant Cloud


Annual License

Client Data Center


Services Pricing

Images & Video

Bounding Shapes, OCR, Classification

Audio & Speech

Segmentation, Speech to Text, Classification

Text & Documents

Classification, Extraction, Handwriting

Premium Annotation

Super Pixel, Sensor Fusion, Video Tracking


For an accurate quote on your specific project, please provide us

with a sample data set, detailed requirements, and estimated volume.

Platform Features

Real Time Project Monitoring Dashboards
Real Time Annotation Results Review
Automatic Task Distribution
Multi-tenant Definition
Flexible Workflow & QC Configuration
Role-Based Permissions & Access Control
Workforce Efficiency Monitoring
Pre-Processing with existing models via API
Custom Annotation Category Definition
Drag-and-Drop Template Editor