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Data Annotation Services for All Industries

Since 2015, BasicAI's 160+ qualified annotation teams have confidently delivered 300,000+ training datasets under 100% quality review. Get professional, efficient and low-cost data annotation services for all types of training data and all industries now >

Image Annotation
Video Annotation
Text Annotation
Speech Annotation
3D Sensor Fusion Annotation

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Your Ultimate Data Annotation Solution

All your data annotation demands met by BasicAI
Image Annotation Service
Video Annotation Service
Computer Vision Data Annotation Service

Computer Vision | Image & Video

  • 2D Bounding Box Annotation

  • 2D Cuboid Annotation

  • Skeleton Annotation

  • Polygon & Poly-line

  • Key Point Annotation

  • Curve Annotation

  • Image Segmentation

  • 2D Object Tracking

Language Understanding
Information Extraction

Natural Language Processing

  • Coreference Resolution

  • Tokenization Annotation

  • Translation Transcription

  • Text Summarization

  • Spell-Checking

  • Entity Annotation

  • Relation Extraction

  • Question-Answering Annotation

Point Cloud Annotation Service
3D Sensor Fusion Annotation Service

Computer Vision | 3D Sensor Fusion

  • 3D Bounding Box Annotation

  • 3D Cuboid Annotation

  • 2D Cuboid Annotation

  • Point Cloud Segmentation

  • Drivable Area Annotation

  • Lane Annotation

  • Sensor Fusion Annotation

  • 3D Object Tracking

Audio Data Annotation Service
Speech Annotation Service
Audio / Speech Annotation

Audio / Speech Annotation

  • Speech Transcription

  • Speech Segmentation

  • Speech Review

  • Audio Classification

  • Speaker Diarization

  • Emotion Labeling

  • Keyword Spotting

  • Paralinguistic Labeling

All Your Data Labeling Needs, Satisfied by BasicAI
Model Fine-Tuning

Large Language Models and Generative AI

  • Data Cleaning and Extraction

  • Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback

  • Conversations Construction and Evaluation

  • Model Fine-Tuning and Evaluation

  • Multimodal Data Annotation for the Next Generation Language Models

Direct Moderation
User Generated Content Moderation

User Generated Content Moderation

  • Social Media Moderation

  • Comment Moderation

  • Review Moderation

  • Offensive Content Detection

  • Fake News Detection

  • Hate Speech Detection

  • Content Filtering

  • Spam Detection

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Annotation Service Highlights

Proprietary Annotation Engine

Quality Assurance and Prompt Delivery

Robust Data Security Measures

The Most Competitive Pricing

Dedicated Project Manager

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Data Labeling Guideline Summarization

Annotation Plan Customization

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DataMatica Testimonial


After achieving remarkable success in R&D, BasicAI has garnered global acclaim, including recognition from several Korean companies. At DataMatica, we are thrilled to join hands with exceptional companies like BasicAI."

Shih-Hung Chu (KR)

CEO, DataMatica

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