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Segment LiDAR Point Cloud: Announcing BasicAI Cloud v0.8 with Advanced 3D Segmentation Tools

Introducing BasicAI Cloud v0.8: Auto Point Cloud Segmentation, Support of Millions of Points in Single Frame, and more.




Admon Foster

Introducing the BasicAI Cloud Platform v0.8, now enhanced with advanced segmentation tools to unleash your productivity.

Introducing BasicAI Cloud v0.8

In the previous v0.7 update, BasicAI Cloud introduced a powerful toolkit that made image data annotation in consecutive frames a breeze. With the latest v0.8 update, BasicAI Cloud has brought the same level of convenience and ease to point cloud segmentation.

Experience boosted performance and stability, ensuring smooth sailing throughout your data training journey.

Master the Art of Point Cloud Segmentation

Auto Segmentation - With the help of pre-trained models, the 3D annotation becomes 100% more efficient on BasicAI Cloud. Now, we also bring that feature to 3D point cloud segmentation. For specific scenarios, click once to segment all points in your data.

Point Cloud Auto Segmentation
Point Cloud Auto Segmentation

Support for Millions of Points in a Single Frame - Despite being a browser-based tool, BasicAI Cloud can handle up to 150 million points in continuous frame scenarios. This eliminates the common issues annotation teams used to face, such as lagging, browser crashes, and lost work.

150 Million Points Supported
150 Million Points Supported

Attribute Tab - We developed a new Attribute Tab for each segmentation box being implemented. This game-changing feature provides annotators with unparalleled control, enabling effortless accuracy verification and eliminating concerns about misclicks or mis-annotations.

Attribute Tab
Attribute Tab

Lasso Pen - We introduce the Lasso Pen tool for in-detailed segmentations where boxes fall short. The powerful segmentation tool now available on our platform takes the stress out of object segmentation in crowded or cluttered scenes, allowing annotators to quickly and accurately isolate specific objects without feeling overwhelmed.

Losso Pen
Losso Pen

Comment - We've added a feature that lets monitors comment on annotators' segmentation results, fostering better communication and simplifying annotation accuracy tracking for every project. Say goodbye to disjointed workflows and embrace streamlined collaboration.


Add / remove points - Enhance the precision of segmented objects by seamlessly adding extra points or removing inaccuracies. This feature ensures that your segmentations are as accurate as possible and reduces the need for time-consuming corrections.

Visualized in boxes or polygons - Customize your segmented object visualization by choosing between boxes or polygons. This flexibility allows you to tailor your annotation experience based on project requirements and personal preferences.

Missed points review - Efficiently inspect any missed points and annotate them individually using our streamlined missed points review feature. By addressing these overlooked points, you'll ensure comprehensive and accurate segmentations for your dataset.

Fix and Changes

  • With today’s update, we have solved many known bugs.

  • Got issues with previous datasets or outputs? We're here to help: 📧

Level Up Your Training Data, at the Lowest Cost!

In the latest v0.8 update, we also introduced a new range of billing plans, including a 14-day free trial, team , and enterprise plan. Explore our flexible options and find the perfect plan for your needs. Learn More



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