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Multimodal Data Annotation

Full Ahead,
in Multimodal World!

The Most Efficient
Multimodal Training Data Platform


Point Cloud Single Frame & Frame Series

LiDAR + Camera

2D & 3D Sensor Fusion

Image / Video / Consecutive Images

2D Camera

4D Imaging Radar Data (beta)

4D Imaging Radar

3D & 4D Sensor Fusion (beta)

LiDAR + 4D Radar

Multimodal Data Support

The Best-performing Platform for 3D LiDAR Point Cloud Data Annotation

Annotate 3D objects in Point Cloud single frame and scenes. Click & drag to label 3D objects the way you do for 2D images. Conduct auto annotation & segmentation. Easily visualize and review annotations of objects in frame series.

Auto annotation,  segmentation & objects tracking

150+ million points and 300 frames supported in the tool

400+ cuboids created in mere 3 minutes

AI-powered QC process that facilitates review in frame series

Multimodal Data Support

2D & 3D Sensor Fusion Data

Multiple sensors generate fusion data. BasicAI Cloud achieves 72%+ increase in labeling efficiency for 2D & 3D LiDAR-Camera Sensor Fusion data. Annotations in 3D Point Cloud are auto-mapped to 2D images, which enables one-time export of 2D &/ 3D results, and annotation &/ segmentation.

Multimodal Data Support

Image / Video Data

BasicAI Cloud image annotation toolkit covers Bounding Box, Polygon, Polyline, Key Point, Skeleton, Curve, Group, and more, with carefully designed interactions that cater to natural annotator behaviors. Create training data at the highest efficiency and lowest cost, for applications: image classification, object detection, semantic segmentation, instance segmentation and panoptic segmentation.

Multimodal Data Support

4D Imaging Radar Data (beta)

4D Imaging Radar combines time, range, azimuth, and elevation data to generate a four-dimensional representation of the environment. This sensor is rising in computer vision field because of its all-weather performance, wide field of view and cost-effective features. BasicAI Cloud is leading the way in supporting 4D Imaging Radar data* in an effort to empower the evolution of computer vision models.

BasicAI Cloud supports 4D data and 3D & 4D Fusion data type with powerful annotation and segmentation features.

* 4D data support is coming soon!

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After achieving remarkable success in R&D, BasicAI has garnered global acclaim, including recognition from several Korean companies. At DataMatica, we are thrilled to join hands with exceptional companies like BasicAI."

Shih-Hung Chu (KR)

CEO, DataMatica

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