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AI-powered Annotation Suite

Effortlessly Label Your Data
with AI-Powered Tools

The Most Efficient Multimodal Training Data Platform

The full lifecycle of data training is empowered by AI to make the most efficient output with decreased costs.

Data Labeling

Interactive Annotation

Objects Tracking

Fusion Data
Auto Mapping

Automated Data Labeling

Click once to leverage pre-trained models to automatically annotate your objects in 3D point cloud data, videos or consecutive images. Adjust confidence and parameters to pre-label at different granularities. Your team can work on precisely pre-labeled data and make adjustments in a visualized way.

Automated Objects Tracking

Manually annotate in every single frame? No! Objects are auto-tracked in Point Cloud frame series, consecutive images and videos. Select the right model, choose a tracking method, set the number of frames, and get the tracking results with high quality. All your team needs to do is quality checking with visualized tool designed for frame series.

AI-assisted Interactive Labeling

Maximize semi-automatic annotation with smart segmentation and well-designed human-machine interactions. Click & drag to create 3D cuboids 100% faster and more accurate, just like how you label in 2D images. Easily conduct accurate segmentation in images by dragging a bounding box.

2D & 3D Auto-Mapping

For 2D & 3D fusion data, BasicAI Cloud can highlight the corresponding scenes between images and 3D point cloud. Annotation results in 3D point cloud data is auto-mapped to 2D images. Export multiple results (3D cuboid, 2D bounding box and 2D cuboid) at your wish.

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After achieving remarkable success in R&D, BasicAI has garnered global acclaim, including recognition from several Korean companies. At DataMatica, we are thrilled to join hands with exceptional companies like BasicAI."

Shih-Hung Chu (KR)

CEO, DataMatica

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