Workflow Tools

The BasicAI platform is designed to help create data labeling projects and teams, upload source data, create templates, annotate data, monitor progress and download results efficiently and effectively.

Project monitoring dashboard
Visual project management interface.
Detailed record of project operations.
Real-time monitoring of project progress.
Distribution of data types and annotation categories across projects
Overview of users, teams, and resource usage.
Project setup and initiation
Upload data directly, or access from cloud storage or FTP.
Team & task distribution.
Template creation and management.
Definition of workflow and quality control steps.
Online review and acceptance
Real-time availability of project results.
Detailed record of project operations.
Robust quality control and issue handling mechanisms.
Early detection, early communication, early course correction.
Guaranteed customer satisfaction.
Download project results
Labeled images with masks.
Custom data conversion upon request.
Support for many standard dataset formats.