Annotation Software

Workflow Tools
The BasicAI platform is designed to help create data labeling projects and teams, upload source data, create templates, annotate data, monitor progress and download results efficiently and effectively.
Project monitoring dashboard
Project setup and initiation
Online review and acceptance
Download project results
Labeling Tools
The BasicAI platform enables annotation of most types of unstructured data for a wide variety of industry applications and use cases. Popular ML categories include:
Image & Video
Semantic Segmentation
Instance Segmentation
Object Recognition
Text Recognition/OCR
Image Classification
Video Classification
Image Moderation
Action Classification
Scene Segmentation
Object Tracking
Video Segmentation
Speech-to-Text Transcription
Audio Classification
Audio Segmentation
Audio Diarization & Speaker Separation
Text Classification
Text Extraction
Text Translation
3D LiDAR + Sensor Fusion
3D Point Cloud Object Recognition
3D Point Cloud Segmentation
Sensor Fusion Annotation
Deployment Options
The BasicAI platform is available in three different deployment options to meet even the most stringent of data security requirements.
Basic Cloud
Private Cloud
On Premises