BasicAI OnPrem

Built for clients with strict data security requirements. Deploy BasicAI OnPrem on local servers or your private cloud to manage annotation projects in-house

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Advantages of BasicAI OnPrem

Private deployment

Deploy our software on your hardware to guarantee data security.

Custom development options

Our professional services team is available to customize as needed.

Cross-platform support

Interoperability across web and mobile for efficient collaboration.

Dynamic production capacity balance

If internal production throughput is insufficient, BasicAI offers overflow and burst capacity on demand.

Annotation Services

BasicAI OnPrem includes support for over a dozen standard types of annotations, and infinite possibilities for customization. We support over 90% of the world’s demand for annotation.

Sensor Fusion Cuboids Sensor Fusion Cuboids
Video Tracking Video Tracking
Segmentation Segmentation
2D Bounding Box 2D Bounding Box
Polygons Polygons
3D Bounding Boxes 3D Bounding Boxes
Lane Line Lane Line
Key Points Key Points
Optical Character Recognition Optical Character Recognition
Classification Classification
Voice Transcription Voice Transcription
Voice Annotation Voice Annotation
Drag-and-drop template editor

Drag-and-drop template editor

We offer hundreds of templates out of the box, but we have also made it simple to create new user-defined templates.

Flexible workflow configuration

Flexible workflow configuration

Configuration of complex project procedures is supported to achieve enables serial and parallel workflows and distributing tasks to different teams.

Pre-processing models

Pre-processing models

Intelligent algorithms helps speed up annotation and increase efficiency by 70% using predictive modeling.

Comprehensive project dashboards

Comprehensive project dashboards

We provide detailed statistics in real-time, from the overall project progress to the number of frames per job, to enable monitoring and QA by the project manager.