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BasicAI’s advanced suite is the only solution in the market that supports all types of lidar labeling: 3D Cuboid, 3D Tracking, and 3D Segmentation. Our built in AI-assisted tools take your labeling efforts to the next level of efficiency.
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    Annotation Types
    BasicAI supports all types of LiDAR Annotation including 3D Object Detection, 3D Object Tracking, 3D Segmentation and 2D&3D Sensor Fusion Annotation.

    LiDAR and Camera, show significant performance: LiDAR provides accurate 3D geometry structure, while camera captures more scene context and semantic information.
    Lidar Fusion
    Free Lidar Tool
    Get started with BasicAI’s advanced Lidar Labeling Solutions with no commitments.
    Model Integration
    Integrate your AI/ML Models to modify and validate predictions. Significantly reduces costs compared to fully manual annotation.
    ML-Powered Labeling
    Dramatically reduce development costs! Save up to 90% of your annotation time with BasicAI’s advanced AI Assisted Lableing Tools.
    Secure Deployments
    Annotate with tracking ID.
    Stitch different frames annotation instances with unified tracking ID.
    Guaranteed Accuracy
    Work with a single point of contact and a dedicated project manager responsible for your projects. Routine proportional quality evaluations, well defined SOWs and garunteed accuracy.
    Engineering Support
    BasicAI’s dedicated engineering team will help configure and calibrate your input data, output data formats, ML models, and API at no additional cost.
    Trusted by World’s Leading AI Teams
    Across Industries
    BasicAI helps on lidar data services. Assets are the lifeblood of the power and energy industry. And that's before counting all the data, buildings, and other assets that are part of running any modern business.
    The Mississippi State University Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS) runs an OnPrem Deployment of the BasicAI Platform for their research projects for the US Department of the Defense research developing off-road autonomous vehicles.
    BasicAI helped collect the data in a customized scenario for Xilinx. Thanks to workflow configurations, BasicAI is able to integrate data into its annotation platform to make possible concerted data labeling.
    The Kostas Research Insitutute (KRI) at Northeastern University runs an OnPrem Deployment of the BasicAI Platform for their research projects in Drone Autonomy in the KRI Drone Testing Facility.