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BasicAI manages over 5,000 dedicated team of full-time annotators to provide highly accurate yet cost-effective data labeling at scale around the globe. Our experienced human workforce is highly trained on the BasicAI Platform for efficient production of annotations – from simple to complex use cases across industry verticals and use cases.

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Dedicated Workforce

Dedicated Workforce

Our dedicated workforce consists of annotation experts with years of specialized training and experience to provide superior quality and accuracy of results. Fluent in the BasicAI Cloud, these teams collaborate to provide our customers with consistency and efficiency over time helping to control both quality and cost.

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Thousands of data annotation experts with years of experience.

Dedicated supervisors with years of experience in data labeling production and workflow management.

Over 100 days of training and qualification for new associates.

ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification for information security management, in controlled and monitored facilities.