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Streamline management of your training data projects through every step from vendor selection to data delivery by leveraging BasicAI’s fully managed services. Our dedicated operations teams bring consistency & quality to every project by working closely with you to develop project guidelines, providing in-depth vendor training, and auditing 100% of data delivered to you.

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RFP & Vendor Selection

Choosing the right team to execute your data collection or annotation projects is critical. That’s why BasicAI offers access to over 60+ professional data collection & annotation vendors and our Global Crowd through our “Single RFP” bid process, helping you make an informed choice.

Quality Control

We know that data quality is paramount to the success of your machine learning project. Our operations team audits 100% of submitted files for every project we work on using quality control tools and processes built directly into our annotation platform to ensure your satisfaction.

Gold Standard Training

Practice makes perfect! Our “Gold Standard Training” ensures that all collectors & annotators working on your project are fully trained to deliver on the specifics of your guidelines and are consistently re-trained on any new edge cases or outliers discovered during project execution.

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