Data Collection

We manage a global team of data collectors from different ages, demographics, and educational backgrounds to create and deliver diverse data sets of source images, video, audio, and text for machine learning projects.

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Our Service Advantages

Professional collection tools

Earthworks voice acquisition, Eyelink eye tracking, a proprietary mobile app, and more

Flexible workforce

Thousands of dedicated workers and a global crowd of over 30,000 affiliates.  Flexible task assignment and real-time workforce capacity, efficiency, and progress monitoring.

Diverse, accurate, and fast

Engage our global team of data collectors for 24/7 production of source data according to your specifications, with timely delivery

Data Collection Services

Image Collection Image Collection
Audio Collection Audio Collection
Video Capture Video Capture
Text Collection Text Collection
Questionnaire Collection Questionnaire Collection
3D Point Cloud Data Acquisition 3D Point Cloud Data Acquisition

Data Collection Process

collection workflow

Our Customers

BasicAI helped collect the data in a customized scenario for Xilinx, which gave us enormous credit for the excellent work we had done. Thanks to workflow configurations, BasicAI is able to integrate data into its annotation platform to make possible concerted data labeling.

autonomous driving annotation
data collection for Xilinx
Xilinx data collection
3d point cloud