Fully Managed Data Annotation

Our project management teams work directly with the vendor of your choice on the BasicAI Cloud for accurate and cost-effective data annotation. With dozens of specialized annotation tools, AI-assisted tooling, customizable templates, and embedded quality control and auditing functionality, our process and platform delivers superior results for labeled data.

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Our Advantages

Turn-key Services

From project definition, template creation, and workflow management to quality control, auditing, and output formatting – we do the heavy lifting to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Flexible workforce

Scale your project quickly & accurately with our Vendor Marketplace. View bids from some of our over 60+ professional annotation teams and 5,000+ experienced labelers ready for your project.

Data security

Our standard workforce environment includes ISO 27001 certification for information security, centralized monitoring of production facilities, and secure connectivity via a private network.

Data Labeling Services

Sensor Fusion Cuboids Sensor Fusion Cuboids
Video Tracking Video Tracking
Segmentation Segmentation
2D Bounding Box 2D Bounding Box
Polygons Polygons
3D Bounding Boxes 3D Bounding Boxes
Lane Line Lane Line
Key Points Key Points
Optical Character Recognition Optical Character Recognition
Classification Classification
Text To Speech Text To Speech
Voice Annotation Voice Annotation

Data Annotation Process

annotation workflow

Customer Case Study

Berkely annotation case
berkely deep drive

BasicAI helped UC Berkeley’s DeepDrive team to create the core dataset for BDD100k, one of the largest and most diverse publicly available autonomous driving datasets to date. Our services included lane line marking, vehicle and object labeling, semantic segmentation, and other labeling tasks for raw data collected from thousands of hours of real-world driving video.

Berkely data annotation
autonomous driving semantic segmentation
Self driving lane marking
bounding box for cars