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Image Annotation

Supports all annotation types and builds your AI model faster.

BasicAI's image annotation service
BasicAI's image annotation service

Why Work With BasicAI

High Quality & Cost-effective 

Rigorous Quality Control

Our process includes multiple quality checks, ensuring consistently high standards in data annotation.

Time-Efficient Delivery

We prioritize efficiency in our workflows, guaranteeing timely project delivery without compromising quality.

Economical Solutions

Experience unparalleled precision and efficiency at an unbeatable price with our image annotation services, where quality meets affordability.

Adaptable to Your Needs

We tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of your project, ensuring optimal quality in every scenario.

Unlock Your Model Performance with BasicAI

We Offer

Diverse Tools To Meet Any of Your Project Requirements

Bounding Box

We draw precise bounding boxes to provide clean data for developing high-accuracy object detection, classification, and tracking models.

Bounding box annotation


We deliver finely outlined object polygons to enable the building of sophisticated algorithms for autonomous driving, medical imaging, and semantic segmentation.

Polygon annotation

We mark semantic or anatomical keypoints on objects to support advanced applications like pose estimation, facial recognition, and AR.

Keypoint annotation



We map complete interconnected skeletons to support complex pose analysis and kinetics algorithms for action recognition and motion prediction.

Skeleton annotation

We create pixel-level masks to segment objects, textures, and boundaries, which is critical for image parsing, scene understanding, and depth perception.

Image segmentation


Sensor fusion

We provide well-aligned and annotated multi-sensor datasets with linked 2D & 3D cuboids to train integrated perception systems for real-world autonomous applications.

Sensor fusion

BasicAI provided us with great experience overall, and we were able to have direct supervision over the data annotation process and curate labeling to our own needs...

... I can recommend it to other researchers who need to annotate their data for machine learning and AI applications, especially when there is an application that needs some help with building the correct guidelines for labeling and annotation."

Mahmoud Essalat Customer Testimonial

Mahmoud Essalat

PhD | Machine Learning and Signal Processing

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Since 2015, BasicAI's 160+ qualified annotation teams have confidently delivered 300,000+ training datasets under 100% quality review. Get professional, efficient and low-cost AI annotation services for all types of training data and all industries now >

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