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About BasicAI

To Be Industry Leader in
MLOps and AI Training Data

BasicAI is an MLOps software company created with one mission: to speed up the evolution of the AI landscape and to build a more intelligent world, together. 

To progress our mission, our team of data scientists & engineers have built the world-first open-source platform for multisensory training data, Xtreme1. We believe that data is the keystone of artificial intelligence. This belief is why we have designed Xtreme1 to be the most accessible and collaborative ML training data platform in the world. Xtreme1 boasts a variety of data labeling, curation, visualization, & versioning features and is now rapidly growing as a part of the Linux Foundation’s highly selective section: ‘The LF AI & Data’.


Our team is globally inclusive. You can find our offices in Irvine, California, USA; Seoul, South Korea; Chengdu and Beijing, China.

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