Xtreme1 - The Next GEN Platform for Multisensory Training Data


The rapidly-growing data needs and tremendously evolving AI technology are driving major transformations impacting the tech world. During the past decade, a high inclination toward AI has been observed, leading to the development of several processing tools.

Know what these typical AI-powered solutions have in common? Most of them provide basic limited features for free but charge heavy bucks for the actual services.

One might wonder if such tools are actually worth the investment to access those premium advertised features. With these commercial products, consumer needs and finances are always at risk.

According to a Forbes survey, approximately 95% of organizations rely on unstructured data, which comes in different formats and shapes. Organizations have to process tons of data generated each day. Some of these data types include images, videos, social media posts, text, audio, pdf documents, email content, etc. Managing such diverse data with constantly changing requirements and increasing demands is a challenge in today's fast-paced world.

BasicAI is here to rescue and cater to all your data needs without costing you a single penny.

Let's discuss the platform BasicAI to know more about its interesting features, multi-functional tools, and versatile services to generate maximum potential.

How Can BasicAI's Xtreme1 Assist You?

BasicAI's Xtreme1 may seem just like another conventional AI-inspired tool to serve basic data needs. But it has a lot more to offer. The seamless delivery and the remarkable features of Xtreme1 set it apart.

BasicAI covers different modern data types such as images, videos (2D &3D), audio, and text.  More interestingly, it has the tools and techniques to handle trending LiDAR (point cloud) images. The Light Detection and Ranging Technology concept, LiDAR, which helps measure distances between different entities and objects using laser light pulses, is not alien anymore. Scientists and field experts rely heavily on LiDAR technology to effortlessly gather relevant data and accurately study the models.

BasicAI's Xtreme1 is equipped with profound data handling functionalities such as:

Data Labeling or Annotation (LiDAR ready, Free)

Computers are mere dumb machines with no intuition of their own. They can be trained to learn various features by feeding bulks of information in the same category. For instance, to make your computer learn and recognize/label a flower in the image, you will first have to feed tens or thousands of images of flowers. Once trained, computers can predict objects or items from images.

BasicAI's Xtreme1 data labeling is built with AI-assisted tools and customizable templates. It provides data labeling capability for not just images but also for audio and video files. Additionally, it facilitates firms in lane line marking, video tracking, and finding 2D/3D bounding boxes and data points.

LiDAR Image Annotation

With the expected revenue of automotive LiDAR to hit $324.1 million in 2022, the combination of AI and ML technologies enables uncovering the real potential. LiDAR-powered products such as ProLaser (speed gun), Wyze and Roborock (robot vacuums), and iPhone12 Pro are gaining popularity amongst users.

BasicAI provides not just simple image annotation but even LiDAR-based (point cloud) image labeling which is not commonly offered by other AI data annotation tools. BasicAI supports all types of LiDAR Annotation including 3D Object Detection, 3D Object Tracking, 3D Segmentation, and 2D & 3D Sensor Fusion Annotation. Moreover, data annotation for video files is also possible with BasicAI.

What's Next for Users?

Apart from 2D/3D pictures and videos, organizations have to deal with audio data when customers file complaints on call, record their information at call centers or banks, etc. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the branch of AI which handles speech data to understand the context and derive meaningful patterns to take suitable actions. NLP empowers computer systems or models to recognize and understand human language text. To allow speech and natural language processing, additional features will be added to Xtreme1 in the future. Using this comprehensive service, users will be able to process and label data from audio files easily.

How Is BasicAI Different?

Xtreme1 is the rising platform for multisensory training data (2D, 3D, LiDAR, audio, NLP) to equip machines with diverse capabilities. The team at BasicAI is committed to helping users by bringing trending features to life, delivering world-class services, and connecting modern technology with user products.

BasicAI provides AI-assisted data annotation tools for text, image, and video for model-based pre-labeling efficiently. BasicAI's LiDAR Data Annotation Tool enables 3D point cloud labeling. The best thing to note is that the LiDAR Data annotation tool is free. Yes, you read it right, it's absolutely FREE with no hidden costs or additional charges.

BasicAI lets users build data according to their customized needs with audit workflows, annotation templates, and output formats. Furthermore, it supports users to monitor the annotation team's progress with a detailed, accurate, and user-friendly project monitoring dashboard.

Features of BasicAI's Xtreme1

Other than the services discussed above, BasicAI's Xtreme1 expertly provides:

        Workflow management

        2D / 3D Fusion Tool 

        Quality Control(Curate Datasets, Multi-Sensor Calibration)

        Machine Learning Model Integration

        Model Assisted and Improvement Mechanisms

        Full Data Ty[e Support

        Hassle-Free On-Prem Deployment

Real-World Integration of BasicAI

BasicAI platform is delivering exceptional services in the following industries:

        Autonomous Vehicle

        Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

        Smart Devices





        Industrial & Robotics


        Media and Entertainment 

How To Use BasicAI?

Xtreme1 is openly accessible via BasicAI's free SAAS instance of the software (hosted in AWS CA). BasicAI also allows private access via secure private deployment on any cloud server for installation or onsite premise.

BasicAI's Xtreme1 supports the developers' community to contribute toward incremental development. It is available for Python developers who want to integrate their own AI functionality into their applications.

Unlock Your Data Potential by Integrating Multisensory Data Processing with BasicAI

The BasicAI platform is opening doors to more promising opportunities for innovation. It is built with the perfect combination of modern technologies and tools to boost your data's performance. With unlimited functionalities and free access to remarkable features, users can comfortably work in a secure environment. BasicAI provides different deployment options as per your organizational needs. Decide what you want and how you want it at your own pace. Plan your customized journey with BasicAI and experience the transition yourself by Registering a FREE Account today.