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Unlock the Power of BasicAI Cloud v0.6 SP2

At BasicAI, we are thrilled to announce the release of BasicAI Cloud v0.6 SP2, with Click & drag 3D Annotation and Enhanced Team...




Admon Foster

At BasicAI, we are thrilled to announce the release of BasicAI Cloud v0.6 SP2, with Click & drag 3D Annotation and Enhanced Team Management

This update introduces a variety of new features and improvements, including

  • Click & Drag 3D Annotation: Easily annotate 3D data and interact with pre-trained models using simple drag & drop.

  • Performance module in Task Management;

  • More languages supported;

  • Ontology Dataset Import/Export;

  • Point Cloud Annotation Update and Model-Class Mapping

New Features

Click & Drag 3D Annotation

Label 3D Objects with the Same Ease of 2D Images!

Our new BasicAI Cloud v0.6 now supports Click & Drag 3D Annotation. Labeling 3D point cloud data becomes 100% faster and more precise, with AI-powered interactions interactive models.

We’re excited to invite you to explore the amazing features now available at!

Performance Management Module

Performance Management is now available in the Task Management section

We have enhanced our task flow management system with advanced performance statistics. With this update, you can easily monitor both task and workers’ performance to gain deeper insights into your team’s productivity.

  1. For task performance, the Admin users can track the progress of each task and view each worker’s dedication to the task.

  2. In addition, workers can monitor their own personal performance on different tasks. Furthermore, the performance data is ready for export, and you can view the performance dataset for every participant across all completed tasks in the past six months.

Other Updates

Now Supporting More Languages!

BasicAI Cloud now supports English, Korean and Chinese! This allows you to use our platform in the language of your choice, making it more accessible to users from diverse linguistic backgrounds. We are continuously working on expanding our language settings, so you can expect more options to be added in the near future.

Ontology Dataset Import / Export

We just upgraded the ontology dataset import/export measure and enable import/export from JSON and excel. With this new update, you can now import and export data from both JSON and Excel formats. This improvement makes it easier for developers from different teams to work together more efficiently and effectively, ensuring everyone is on the same page and moving at the same pace.

Point Cloud Annotation Update and Model-Class Mapping

  • The model map module presents detailed information for each class in the model and configures the mapping relations between the model class and the human-defined class.

  • We improve the efficiency of point cloud annotation and make it possible for interactive point cloud segmentation.

Fix and Changes

  • With the update, we have solved many known bugs.

  • The UI interface has been greatly improved to enhance the user experience.

  • Please note that the data structure changed and may affect your previous datasets and annotation results.

We are committed to constantly improving BasicAI Cloud to make it the most useful and reliable tool for your business needs. If you have any issues with your previous dataset and output, please email our team at

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