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Annotate Smarter

Annotate Smarter | Sensor Fusion Data Annotation: Manual Work Can Also Be Stress-Free

BasicAI Cloud equips you with manual and AI-assisted tools to handle sensor fusion data annotation when automation magic stumbles.




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There's No Perfect Auto Annotation Model, But You Always Have a Plan B

Picture yourself as an expert data annotator tackling a massive labeling project. You kick things off with AI annotation tools to efficiently manage the workload, and things are sailing smoothly. But you know better than anyone that AI doesn't always deliver flawless results for all cases – that's why you were hired in the first place. As a data annotator, it's your responsibility to stay alert and ready to steer your project back on track, no matter the situation.

With the continuous improvement of hardware capabilities, many fields are widely using 2D & 3D sensor fusion data to enhance accuracy. To excel in this fast-paced industry, mastering sensor fusion data annotation is crucial. You need a versatile toolkit that provides both reliable auto-annotation support and manual precision when automation falls short. Enter BasicAI Cloud – your essential partner for AI development needs.

A Handy Toolset in the Most Extreme Situation with Minimal Stress

BasicAI Cloud packs all the crucial features you need as a data annotator. It offers reliable auto-annotation models, speeding up your 3D point cloud annotation by 82x with 98% accuracy. But automation isn't 100% foolproof, which is why BasicAI Cloud also equips you with manual and AI-assisted tools to handle situations where automated magic stumbles. Confidently tackle any challenges during the annotation process with BasicAI Cloud.

Creating 3D Cuboids: Manually or Assisted by AI

Drawing 3D cuboids can be a repetitive and time-consuming task for data annotators, especially when working with point cloud or sensor fusion datasets. Adjusting a 3D cuboid to accurately fit an object can feel like an eternity. That's where BasicAI Cloud's AI-assisted 3D cuboid drawing tools come in – designed to lighten your workload and simplify the process.

With a simple click & drag selection of the region of interest, BasicAI Cloud takes charge, drawing the 3D cuboid and auto-labeling the targeted object in a flash. The AI-assisted annotation is speedy and precise, delivering detailed results tailored to your specific requirements while being optimized for autonomous driving datasets. Plus, when you create a 3D Cuboid, BasicAI Cloud automatically generates the corresponding 2D cuboids (or, pseudo 3D cuboids) and 2D bounding boxes, easing your workload even further.

AI-Assisted Tool for Sensor Fusion Annotation
AI-Assisted Tool for Sensor Fusion Annotation

But we know there are times when manual annotation is preferred for optimal accuracy. BasicAI Cloud gives you the flexibility to manually draw 3D cuboids when needed. Easily create a 3D cuboid with just three clicks around it.

Pro Tip: To ensure the object's motion direction is accurately captured, start your clicks from the back of the object and move towards the front. By clicking around the object in this manner, BasicAI Cloud will automatically mark the forward direction for you.

Label 3D object manually
Label 3D object manually

Our goal is to make the 3D cuboid annotation process a breeze. Whether you choose AI-assisted or manual annotation, BasicAI Cloud's tools are designed to simplify the task, reduce repetitive work, and deliver high-quality results.

Creating 2D Bounding Boxes and 2D Cuboids with Flexibility and Accuracy

BasicAI Cloud offers a comprehensive toolset catering to various annotation needs in labeling 2D & 3D sensor fusion data. Our platform empowers you to annotate and secure your data with precision and accuracy.

All the 3D cuboids, 2D bounding boxes, and 2D cuboids for one object are exportable, enabling seamless integration into your workflow or sharing with collaborators. BasicAI Cloud helps you achieve precise, high-quality results in less time.

Double-click the image(s) on the left of your fusion annotation interface. Drawing 2D bounding boxes is as simple as click-and-drag on the BasicAI Cloud platform. Our intuitive interface and user-friendly tools ensure a seamless annotation experience, allowing you to effortlessly create accurate 2D annotations.

Creating a 2D Cuboid
Creating a 2D Cuboid
Creating a 2D Bounding Box
Creating a 2D Bounding Box

Boost your efficiency with BasicAI's 2D cuboid creation. Just draw two rectangles around the object, and our system takes it from there. Once you create a 2D cuboid, you can easily check and adjust it to perfect your annotation.

Shortcuts to Efficient Outputs

Efficiency is critical when tackling challenging annotation scenarios. BasicAI Cloud offers a range of shortcuts designed to maximize your productivity and streamline your workflow.

Hotkeys in labeling sensor fusion data
Hotkeys: "C" to draw cuboid and "F" to rotate head

Leverage BasicAI Cloud's shortcuts (listed at the end of the article) to regain control of your project quickly. These shortcuts simplify complex tasks, enabling rapid adjustments and corrections when needed. Refine annotations, fix errors, or fine-tune the output – Our platform empowers you to navigate through extreme situations efficiently.

Sensor Fusion Annotation: Not Only Stress-Free, But Also Cost-Free!

Enjoy efficient, effective, and stress-free data annotation without breaking the bank. BasicAI Cloud provides a complete range of annotation tools, both auto-annotation and effortless manual annotation, to propel your annotation tasks forward – for FREE!

Don't let budget constraints or costly tools hold you back. BasicAI Cloud delivers a powerful annotation platform at no cost. Experience the benefits of AI-assisted and manual annotation tools designed to enhance your workflow and improve your efficiency.

Let's break it down: each registered user gets 50 seats, a 100GB of storage, and 1,000 model calls. What does this mean for you? It means you have the freedom to tackle annotation projects like a boss, leveraging the power of auto-magical annotation without worry or stress. With ample resources at your disposal, you can confidently handle annotation tasks of any scale and complexity.

Our commitment to your success goes beyond just providing powerful annotation tools. We're here for you whenever you need assistance. Our support team is available 24/7, ready to address your inquiries and provide the guidance you require. With BasicAI Cloud as your reliable partner, you can trust in our unparalleled customer service and expertise to support you in reaching new heights in your annotation endeavors.

Ready to Explore Stress-Free Annotations? Proceed to Free BasicAI Cloud, the AI-powered Annotation Platform!

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