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BasicAI Cloud v0.10.0: Integrate Your Cloud with BasicAI Cloud

BasicAI Cloud has just updated to version 0.10.0 with user's Cloud Storage integration, streamlined taskflows, and enhanced annotation tools




Admon Foster

Do you remember the first time you looked through a telescope and saw the stars? That feeling of awe, the realization that there's so much more out there than what meets the eye? That's the feeling we want to give you with our latest update, BasicAI Cloud v0.10.0. We're unveiling a cosmos of features that weave your cloud into the platform, optimize your task flow, and provide you with enhanced annotation tools. We invite you to explore it and discover a world where data annotation becomes as seamless as tracing the stars.

BasicAI Cloud Has Just Updated to Version 0.10.0

Cloud Storage Integration

Closer to your data than ever before. our new Cloud Storage Integration feature empowers you to effortlessly connect to external storage services like S3, Dropbox, or Google Drive. No need for local data download or upload; process and manage your data packages directly. This feature significantly reduces data handling time by enabling server-to-server data transmission. Manage your cloud from the Cloud Storage Tab on your Team page, or import/export data using My Cloud Storage.

User's Cloud Storage Integration on BasicAI Cloud v0.10.0

Optimization for Tasks

Progress and Data Status: Clarity and Control over Your Projects

We've revamped our progress display to provide you with a more precise understanding of your task progress. Now, you'll be able to view the completion percentage for each workflow stage (Annotation, Review 1, Review 2..., Acceptance, Completed) to keep a clear understanding of each stage's completion status. We've also optimized our Data Status functionality, allowing you to search based on both workflow stage and data status, making it easier to find the data you need.

Optimized Progress and Data Status Overview on BasicAI Cloud v0.10.0

Operation History: Traceable Actions for Better Management

With the new Operation History feature, you gain clear records of workflow actions. View different data operation records (such as data exports) under the Data column in team task management or my task management. This feature also allows you to save and restore results, simplifying the reproduction of specific operations in case of bugs or issues and speeding up results recovery to resume work.

Export History on BasicAI Cloud v0.10.0

LiDAR Point Cloud Annotation: Enhanced Tracking Through Interpolation

Our LiDAR Point Cloud Tool now comes with an innovative feature - Interpolation Prediction - that automates object tracking annotation in continuous point cloud frame data. Leveraging interpolation, the tool can annotate the trajectory of an object across multiple frames automatically. Notably, you can conveniently review and modify the interpolation results in Review mode, making object tracking more intuitive and efficient.

Other updates:

  • We've added trajectory lines to the point cloud view. Press the 'P' key to visualize the trajectory lines connecting the center points of 3D boxes in all frames, making object tracking more intuitive.

  • Shared points and shared edges functionality for polygon and polyline tools have also been improved, offering several shortcuts for easier annotation.

Object Tracking Annotation Based on Interpolation on BasicAI Cloud v0.10.0

Data Import / Export: Offering More Flexibility

BasicAI now supports additional data import formats beyond JPG/JPEG/PNG, including BMP, TIFF, and WebP formats. For compressed packages, we've included support for RAR along with ZIP/GZIP/TAR.

Our data import capabilities have been enhanced, offering you more control and flexibility. Choose from configurable options for data import, including ZIP parsing methods and the format of the pre-labeled data. These options give you the liberty to decide how your data and pre-labeled results are organized, streamlining your data management process. Additionally, choose from different categories and formats of image and point cloud annotation data for data export, offering greater flexibility in data processing.

Configurable Data Export on BasicAI Cloud v0.10.0

Other Improvements: Elevating Your Experience

Your ease-of-use has always been our priority. New features enable you to copy Ontology Classes individually or in bulk, simplifying the management and reuse of labels. Pre-configured annotation auxiliary lines in Task Settings can now be edited after publishing the Task, further enhancing your annotation work convenience.

Post-publishing Settings of Tasks on BasicAI Cloud v0.10.0

We've increased the distinction between Modify and Review modes, helping you to understand your current work mode and avoid confusion. After you complete all the data in the current batch, we'll pop up a dialog box to ask if you want to continue, helping you control your work progress more effectively. Additionally, we've enabled commenting on image data in point cloud fusion instance annotations and point cloud segmentation annotations, and we calculate accuracy rates for images and point clouds separately. This feature facilitates easier feedback reception and boosts team collaboration efficiency.

Improvements of LiDAR Annotation Tool on BasicAI Cloud v0.10.0

As always, we're continuously working on bug fixes and optimizations to provide you with the best possible experience.

We're thrilled to bring these new features and enhancements to you, confident that they will significantly enhance your data management experience. At BasicAI, we are committed to continuous improvement, using your feedback as our guide for developing features that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. This is just the beginning - we're already working on our next round of updates. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking features, and thank you for being part of our journey!

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