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Annotate Smarter

Annotate Smarter: Ditch the Outdated Spreadsheets for Team Annotation Performance Management

It's time to get real-time monitoring, feedback, and insights, all in the Team Annotation Management System on BasicAI Cloud




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Real-time Monitoring, Feedback, and Insights, All in the Team Annotation Management System on BasicAI Cloud

In the realm of annotation projects, managing teams and ensuring efficient completion is a common challenge. Although a well-established pipeline exists, coordinating a team's efforts efficiently becomes crucial. Many companies resort to manual recording and performance evaluation, which can be time-consuming and lacks intuitive presentation. Recognizing this pain point, BasicAI introduces the Annotation Performance Management System, revolutionizing the annotation process and benefiting both annotators and managers.

Poster of team annotation

Smarter Annotation Team Management

During the process of annotation projects, you often come across a familiar scenario: multiple data tasks are assigned to annotators who start working on their respective tasks. Once the annotations are completed, a quality inspector examines the results. Annotators may make corrections or even redo the annotations if necessary. This appears to be an established pipeline. However, when you have a team working on annotation tasks, how do you efficiently manage the team to ensure timely completion?

Many companies typically manually record the performance of team members after they finish annotation projects. They then create new spreadsheets to calculate the performance of each employee over a specific annotation project, aiming to enhance their annotation efficiency and ultimately improve the team's project completion rate. This team annotation management approach is time-consuming as it requires additional time for performance tracking after each project. Moreover, the presentation format may not be intuitive, and at times, it may not directly contribute to improving the overall team efficiency or simplifying pay calculations.

Addressing this pain point, BasicAI has introduced an Annotation Performance Management System on its platform. This system effectively assists in managing annotation performance, boosting annotation efficiency and accuracy, and offering significant benefits for both annotators and team/project managers in the annotation process.

Annotators: Visualize Your Success

Annotators can now intuitively observe their annotation achievements, including the number of completed annotations and accuracy metrics. This visual feedback helps annotators understand their capabilities and motivates them to improve both accuracy and efficiency.

For Managers: Gain Valuable Insights

Managers and project leaders can access comprehensive insights into the annotation process, enabling them to track annotator progress, assess quality check results, and monitor project status. This results in better visibility into the team's workflow, allowing for timely identification and resolution of issues. Additionally, the system streamlines pay calculation by providing accurate performance data.

Key Components and Functionalities of Annotation Performance Management System

The Performance Management System enhances the efficiency and professionalism of annotation team management. Real-time monitoring and feedback enable annotators and managers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire annotation process and make corresponding optimizations and adjustments. This not only improves the overall efficiency and accuracy of the annotation team but also provides robust support for successful project completion. The Performance Management System has become an indispensable tool in annotation projects, enhancing the work experience and performance of annotators and managers alike.

Task Performance: Metrics that Matter

At the top of the performance management interface, you'll find a count condition bar that allows for efficient task filtering. This section specifically supports tasks created within the past six months. Based on predefined criteria such as task ID, data type, and scene type, you can precisely filter the tasks you wish to view.

The Interface of the Count Conditions

Once the filtering process is complete, you can access two main sections: Task Performance and Worker Performance. Also, you can export the performance report you selected.

The Annotation Performance Management System has two sections

In the Task Performance section, performance is evaluated across three aspects: Data Performance, Object Performance, and ACC Accuracy. Data Performance includes metrics such as completed data volume, effective working time (total and average), quality, and redo count. Object Performance allows task viewing based on object filters such as new objects, review objects, and pre-annotated objects. ACC Accuracy is assessed based on the instance and segmentation dimensions to check the project accuracy.

The Interface of Task Performance

The Interface of Task Performance

Worker Performance: Empower Your Team

Within the Worker Performance section, you can review the performance scores of all annotators. Each annotator's performance is evaluated across multiple dimensions, including completed projects, pass rates, rejected projects, and reset projects. Of course, the annotator themselves can see their own task performance from their own page.

The Interface of Worker Performance

The Interface of Worker Performance from the annotator perspective

Performance management brings greater transparency and accuracy to the task management process, contributing to the achievement of outstanding results by the team.

Get the Power of Advanced Team Annotation Management

We sincerely invite all AI enthusiasts to experience the power of BasicAI's Task Management System. Take advantage of this opportunity to optimize your annotation team's efficiency and accuracy. Experience the benefits of BasicAI's Performance Management System today. Best of all, it's currently available for free. Take the first step towards optimizing your annotation workflow and achieving exceptional results. Visit our platform now and unlock the full potential of team performance management with BasicAI.

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