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AI Democracy: BasicAI Cloud AI-powered Data Annotation Platform Goes FREE Now

Starting today, all new BasicAI Cloud users can enjoy full access to these powerful features at NO COST.




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A Tale of Two Perspectives in the AI Boom

In 2023, the AI industry is booming like never before, with breakthrough advancements in autonomous driving, smart cities, among countless other fields. With the belief that AI models are getting Emergent Abilities, artificial intelligence has surpassed the metaverse and once again become a driving force for reshaping human lives.

Autonomous Driving Scene

As we move towards this AI-driven reality, data annotation takes center stage, and with it, the unique challenges faced by the key players in this ecosystem. Let's see what the two important perspectives have to say...

AI Company Leader:

"We're eager to tap into AI's potential, but the financial strain of pricey annotation tools can hinder innovation. We pioneers are constantly seeking cost-effective solutions to nourish our machine learning models with top-quality labeled data, maintaining a balance between tech investment and driving growth."

Annotation Team Manager:

"Our mission is to bridge the gap between raw data and AI mastery. We need to stay nimble and adaptive to meet our clients' ever-changing demands, while retaining our competitive edge in the fast-paced data annotation landscape. We're always on the hunt for robust, scalable, and budget-friendly tools to fuel our progress."

The Unintended Consequence: Exploitation of Data Annotators

The interests of both enterprises and data annotation teams collide, generating pressure to slash costs and boost efficiency. Unfortunately, this often culminates in the exploitation of data annotators—the unsung heroes who teach AI its "ABCs." These experts warrant better working conditions and resources, as they meticulously label data to ensure AI models can learn, adapt, and excel.

Data Annotators

As highlighted in a LinkedIn post by Daniel Langkilde, the CEO at Kognic, some companies allegedly exploit annotators in countries like the Philippines and Vietnam, paying them meager wages. Separate brands, such as Remotasks, are created to distance the parent company from this exploitation. Annotators end up working for as low as $0.3-0.7/h, without stable employment, negotiation opportunities, or even basic allowances. Some even toil under CCTV surveillance to ensure they don't slack off.

These annotators' invaluable contributions to the industry deserve ample support and recognition. Their desperation doesn't justify the exploitation they suffer. Companies should avoid partaking in a race to the bottom that results in workforce mistreatment. By addressing the unique challenges faced by each key role and finding solutions that benefit all parties, we can nurture a more cohesive and efficient ecosystem, unlocking AI's true potential.

We're Taking Action: Our AI-powered Data Annotation Platform is Now Opened to All

In line with our vision to be the base of the AI world and promote true AI democracy, we strive to enable everyone to thrive in the rapidly evolving AI landscape, participate, and reap the benefits. To advance this mission, we have launched the World's First Open-source Multimodal Training Data Platform, Xtreme1. Today, building upon this initiative, BasicAI is delighted to present our AI-powered BasicAI Cloud—completely FREE of charge! This groundbreaking decision marks another important step towards AI democracy, making AI solutions more accessible to everyone.

By offering BasicAI Cloud for free, we not only help businesses overcome any barriers they might face, but also transform BPO annotation teams equipped with our tools into competitive, technology-driven annotation companies. Furthermore, our platform empowers annotators with top-notch tools that make their work more efficient and enjoyable. As we move forward, we will also actively collect user feedback, allowing us to continuously improve our product and ensure that it stays relevant and effective in meeting the evolving needs of our users.

So, What Can You Do with BasicAI Cloud?

Prepare to be amazed by BasicAI Cloud, our next-gen AI-powered data annotation platform designed to wow. The platform:

Moreover, efficiency and scalability lie at the core of BasicAI Cloud. Our platform sports an all-in-one team annotation management system, complete with team management, role-based access control, workflow management, and performance tracking—perfect for large-scale annotation projects. BasicAI Cloud streamlines your workflow and delivers stellar training data.

What's in it for BasicAI Cloud Users?

Starting today, all new BasicAI Cloud users can enjoy full access to these powerful features at absolutely no cost. Additionally, you'll receive 50 seat licenses to kick off your team annotation projects and 1,000 model calls – let you experience lightning-fast auto-annotation, auto-segmentation, and object tracking annotation for 1,000 images / point cloud data / sensor fusion data. With the provided resources, small annotation teams can operate at zero cost, utilizing our robust tools to grow their business. If you find that the resources included in the free plan are not sufficient, you can always opt for our Team subscription plans (see the Pricing page for more information), which offer flexible pricing options and a suitable number of resources for your needs.

Jump on board the BasicAI Cloud train and catapult your AI game to uncharted heights, all without shelling out a penny!


· This promotional campaign is brought to you by BasicAI and is valid from now until November 2023. BasicAI may adjust campaign policies or introduce new ones from time to time, depending on circumstances. To stay informed about the latest policy updates, please visit the BasicAI official website.

· Starting June 7th 2023, all BasicAI Cloud users have access to 50 seats, 100GB of storage, 1,000 model calls (until depleted), and full feature usage privileges. If you need additional resources, you can still opt for a paid subscription, with pricing varying based on the required seats, storage, and model calls. Subscription Agreement is available here.

· BasicAI will continuously update, upgrade, and optimize its products. As a result, the features and performance of BasicAI Cloud may change accordingly. For accurate and up-to-date information, please refer to the latest announcements on the BasicAI official website.

· If you have any questions regarding this promotional campaign, feel free to reach out to the BasicAI product support team via email at

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