BasicAI is pleased to offer two special pricing programs to help your team keep your annotation projects on track through this challenging time.
If you have any questions about these offers, please reach out to for more information.
These two pricing programs are:

These two pricing programs are:

Free Platform Access for 1 Year
For basic text, audio, image, & video tools only
2D Bounding Box
Named Entity Recognition Tagging (NER)
Whole-Document Labeling
Segment Video
Tag & Label Video Segments
Free use limited to 1,000 hours of use per year, Includes up to 250 GB of cloud storage
Up to 6 Months Free with Multi-Year License
1 Year License = 3 Months Free
2 Year License = 5 Months Free
3+ Year License = 6 Months Free
Offer excludes set up costs for Private-Cloud or On Prem software deployments.
Please fill out the form here with as much detail as possible and one of our representatives will reach out to you to discuss which programs you qualify to take advantage of.